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for Regret

6/12 c9 Soraslove
Well naruto has some skillz now, hopefully he keeps at it. Since he's by no means S rank yet.
6/12 c8 Soraslove
Well, yuugao would be surprised in my presence i sleep without a shirt on, lol.
6/11 c3 Soraslove
if only naruto wore pants and not paints..
6/11 c2 Soraslove
Ya.. kakashi was a pretty shit teacher in the canon, ngl.
6/11 c1 Soraslove
Well... i hope naruto actually makes some improvements. He has S rank ninja coming for his ass.
5/17 c12 1Toorafc
Yeah he may have come off as a little stronger than what you may have wanted but to me I don't think he is too strong really liking it so far
4/18 c4 Sinless
Training arc seems it's going to take ages. Personally think you should've tried to speed thing up
3/17 c10 nielnica12
This is good
3/17 c7 nielnica12
I dont like the bo staff... with his wind chakra, a bladed weapon is better. Wind increase slice power. What does it do to bo staff?
2/11 c26 Etro champion
I such a fanfiction Naruto regret was really well done I would like to ask if you'd write a sequel if not stay safe and well in his crazy and turbulent the time of coronavirus 19 and thank you for your beautiful story
1/14 c26 Nerverean
Nice story and good ending.
1/12 c5 Guest
if you don't do earth then do fire bc wind fuels fire and why not a katana bro why a bo staff
1/2 c14 Guest
I am not reading this fic any further because of fucking sakura...
Thanks dear author, you just ruined this nice fic for me...YOU SUCK
11/19/2020 c22 16Luciendar
Itachi's manipulation of Sasuke was masterfully done.
11/19/2020 c20 Luciendar
The only issue with forgoing sage mode is that you lose the rasenshuriken. It was the nature chakra that allowed him to stabilize it so that it could be thrown. And, let's be real, he needs a jutsu that hits that hard. He can't rely on the bijudama.
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