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for narutos feelings

10/13/2009 c1 Hedvig
I like it a lot. You do a really good job of describing feelings.
3/1/2009 c1 5Shisoukengo
This might have been good, even for a one shot, had you actually not butchered it with poor grammar. I understand that you gave us all a warning in the author's not, but that's never an excuse for writing a story with such poor grammar. If your writing is really that bad, then it would definitely be a good idea to get a beta-reader to look at the story before you post it, that way they can catch any mistakes that you miss.

Oh, and don't worry about the ignorant jackass, OMG (if that's his/her name), who posted that other review. That jerk-off has no idea what they're talking about, hell they don't even have a ff/dot/net page, let alone any stories posted. At least you're trying, and judging from the grammar they used in their little review bashing Hinata&Naruto fans, I highly doubt that they could be much better than you if they did post a story.

Just think about using proper English grammar next time in your story, ok?

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