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4/30/2016 c12 Brianna
get what you deserve!
2/7/2016 c12 total drama lov
I just love it gwen/trent grent
7/1/2014 c12 51HoneyGoddess57
Wow, this was so good and yet hilarious in some parts. The funny parts were especially when Cody and Noah argued and Noah with Leshawna.

Now, that was good. I should have known that Heather would never change; it's not her nature to do so. I absolutely loved the ending with Heather and Leshawna's cousin; I loved how her cousin has placed heroine in Heather's purse.

(I thought at first this was a "Nother" story but I adore "Gwent". So it's cool.)
12/6/2013 c12 Katelin
7/20/2012 c8 LostThePassword
Nooooooo heather has to change she has to
2/11/2012 c12 LuhM
God, I love your TxG stories, they're great! You are an amazing writer, keep that on!
10/15/2010 c1 5Sunshine-Midnight123
Awww. That was such a sweet proposal!
8/18/2010 c3 123HiroLemonFan
Um...Heather isn't a brunette.
6/27/2010 c12 CarmillaD
Ha,ha, nice ending! It was really sweet thanks to the romance and friendship and very funny too. Loved the part when Bridgette got distracted by the guy throwing the bottle and the end. Great job!
6/27/2010 c11 CarmillaD
Uh, oh, I got worried when they started arguing at the beach T _ T. However, the humor helped to keep things balanced. This was my favorite part:

"[...]"I mean little Tommy's…Umm…." Leshawna tried to remember.

"Bar mitzvah!" Cody added quickly.

"On the beach?" Noah asked glaring at him.

"Oh, give me a break; it was either that or a circumcision!" Cody defended himself.[...]"

Last chapter and then the sequel! What will happen on them?
6/27/2010 c10 CarmillaD
Hahaha, I knew it was Courtney! But it was a great move to make the reader think it was Lindsay. I should've known it'll be kinda difficult to keep that group from arguing, but at least they're working together ^_^U. Let's see the next chapter
6/27/2010 c9 CarmillaD
LOL, the humor triggered on this chapter. Hum, who is Bridgette calling? I have an idea, but I'll go check if I'm right
6/27/2010 c8 CarmillaD
Oh, that hideous witch! What a puppet master, she completely manipulated them! Poor Gwen T _ T... Oh, but LeShawna's going to the rescue. Let's see the power of the sassy sister.
6/27/2010 c7 CarmillaD
Wow, I was surprised and kinda moved by Heather's beautiful gesture... Until Gwen had the allergic reaction. Haha, but I have to admit the scene at the hospital and the dialogue she has with Trent about the gun he used to have were funny. Let's keep reading
6/27/2010 c6 CarmillaD
Oh, crap, I think Heather's going to use that info about the allergy X _ X. Well, there's only one way to find out...
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