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for Sonic in Wonderland

5/26/2020 c1 13Writing Avenger 2016
this shows great promise. hope to see more
12/11/2016 c1 21Lucas18
I'm glad that someone else has the interest in using Alice in Wonderland as the basis for a new Sonic Storybook game.
My idea for such a story is similar to yours, only it involves Sonic and the White Rabbit needing to search the different parts of Wonderland for the hidden pieces of the shattered Looking Glass and stop the vengeful Queen of Hearts (who was previously banished by the now absent Alice) from invading and conquering our world.
I have been on Deviantart and have seen a number of drawings portraying Sonic characters as the citizens of Wonderland; particularly the ones drawn by the artist Achird.
In my honest opinion, from seeing these drawings, I think the characters should be casted as:
Rouge the Bat and Amy Rose - the Red and White queens respectively
Vector and Team Chaotix - The Mad Hatter, March Hare and Door Mouse
Knuckles Echidna - The wise yet cryptic Caterpillar
Miles Tails Prower - The intelligent technological Tweedel twins
Jet, Wave, and Storm - The Dodo, The Lory, and The Duck
Blaze The Cat - Cheshire Cat
Shadow and Silver - The Red and White Knights
Dr. Eggman - Humpty Dumpty
Also, I think the conflict between Sonic and the White Rabbit should be that Sonic is laid back and confident, while the White Rabbit is stressfully punctual and a nervous wreck.

All these, of course, are simply my thoughts and opinions; this story is still yours to do as however you wish. From what I've read, you pretty much have the story figured out to your unique specifications. I hope you're able to make plenty of time to get your story off the ground, and that it is successful. Good Luck to you.
6/24/2014 c1 11Toadstool89
Dude, this is a good concept for a story. I can't wait for you to start!
8/26/2012 c1 10Princess Moonheart
Excuse me, can you PLEASE write the next chapter, PLEASE! I love the idea of it, it would be a lovely adventure, if you could only write the story! So please continue and start! :)
7/6/2011 c1 1pikasonic101
Omg I had an idea for this! SEGA better make this game! It would be awsome! But don't make Sonic cry :P maybe shed a tear or two, but no, " Bawwwwwww! "
3/2/2009 c1 31Tohokari-Steel
Sonic goin' to Wonderland? THIS is something I've gotta see. I've had an idea of something similar to these new storybook games, only it stars my Sonic OC, Zing the Wolverine (who's a basic street punk with a nicer attitude). He meets a Werecat (from the Eragon universe) and has to go into books to find the "Energies of the Inklings", which basically symbolize the elements before the villain. The Energies of the Inklings are like Colfer's Fire, Rowling's Light, Le Guin's Water. The works. It includes some of my favorite books series: Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Eragon, Earthsea, Inkheart, The Chronicles of Narnia (all-time favorite), Lord of the Rings (movies were good along with the books. It's just the books were so long I think I'm STILL reading them), and a few others.

I haven't really decided on a villain, but I'm considering either Capricorn from Inkheart, Voldemort from Harry Potter, or making something up.

What do ya think?

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