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for Maximum Ride The Ultimate Ride

9/5/2022 c1 1I AM A FANGRL090
AMAZING! Best ever
10/18/2018 c13 constantstateofgrace
I'm not sure... moves really fast and doesn't go with the tone of the story...
5/25/2018 c2 Jas
I thought they were in a hotel? Really confused.
11/4/2016 c1 yum
that wassss ummm
6/1/2016 c1 Livi
I have not read a single word but I have read the reviews and intro and I hope it is as good as people say it is
7/6/2015 c13 cassiopea
Omg could not stop reading!
6/22/2014 c13 Gorgia
This was great but what happened to Gazzy?
5/18/2014 c1 1NeverLuckXXX
Your stories are amazing. I totally idolize you! Plus Fax is the best ship ever
5/2/2014 c9 Shane Rhodes
I like it and all im really enjoying it but when Max had sex with Tyler it really irritated me, i mean they way she can say she loves fang so much and just give in so easily to him even if she had a hormone enhancement i believe love over powers all (Plus kinda makes her seem like a "lady of the evening")
4/27/2014 c1 6Caitlynbug1
I just saw it was complete :/ Oh well :P
4/27/2014 c13 Caitlynbug1
Can't wait to find out what happens next :)
3/3/2014 c13 Guest
Is it over?
10/26/2013 c13 maximum
Great god
8/5/2013 c13 Hi
Make more! c:
7/23/2013 c1 11Old C.J
Thinking 'What the hell is this!-Oh yeah girls don't have dicks...' That's when you know you've read too much yaoi when you read something like this and realize you forgot how it works between a man and a woman.
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