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for Eye of the Storm

12/26/2011 c3 rosalie2022
I hope you'll continue to write this story because it's actually really good
10/7/2011 c3 da.teddy.monster.will.get.you

This story's too awesome to abandon :\
10/7/2011 c2 da.teddy.monster.will.get.you
Please update! This story is like no other story I've ever read before :)
10/7/2011 c1 da.teddy.monster.will.get.you
It's a really interesting story! Edward's power is just like that one in the "Savin' Me" music video by Nickelback! Love that song :) update soon!
2/3/2010 c3 1personobsessed
I love ur story! Can you please continue its one of the only decent stories now. THANX!1
10/31/2009 c3 1goddess-ish
heyy...please update soon..you got me hooked up here:)
8/14/2009 c3 MistressSandman
This is such an intriguing story, it has a lovely mystical and enchanting feel to it...I do so hope you plan to continue it...

May you have an enchanting morning,

Lady Sandman
6/24/2009 c3 1kitty katty123
oh my god i love it!
3/25/2009 c3 1mfrancesj
I love Bella's reasonings. Especially towards the end...so sweet!
3/25/2009 c3 Maya The Sadistic One
Oh my, the butterfly comment made my heart flutter. I can perfectly picture a baby Alice, she looks simply adorable in my mind. I adore how Bella has such a positive outlook on life. Another amazing chapter, of an amazing story by an amazing author(:.
3/25/2009 c2 jfdjhfhfidmd
"Better to reign in hell" than to serve in heaven! AHH! I LOVE PARADISE LOST! ... AND YOUR FANFIC!
3/13/2009 c2 GieselleIsLMFAO247
this story is so crazy, weird, not at all the ordinary twilight fan fic at all..

i freaking love it!

wow, im a dork..

serriously though, i am really into this and its only the second chapter!

hope you brainstorm again and come up with another awesome chapter soon
3/11/2009 c2 mfrancesj
Yah! Thanks for the new chap!
3/11/2009 c2 Maya The Sadistic One
I'm inlove with Bella's power! I've never seen a power like that it's simply...mind blowing. Another amazing chapter.
3/11/2009 c2 buggirl09
Hey, I like it:) I can't wait until the plot really gets going!
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