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for Maureen and her grandma

3/11/2011 c1 100strangesmallbard

7/8/2009 c1 TheSquintiestSquint
This was fantabulous. I could quote like half of it, but I think I'll just content myself with saying that I think you captured Maureen so perfectly at every stage of her life and I love the way you developed the relationship between her and her grandmother. Love. love. love the whole thing. This is by far your best story.
6/4/2009 c1 51Megan Faye
Aw, this was sweet!
4/26/2009 c1 17aelisa
Aww, that was so adorable! I wish I had a Grandma like Maureen's, so does sound amazingawesome!

Poor Maureen too, and lovelylovely Joanne xD

Thanks for submitting this (:
3/13/2009 c1 Elphie's not gonna pay RENT
AAW! It made me teary eyed; trust me, it takes a lot to make me teary eyed.
3/10/2009 c1 30a perfectly healthy clown
This was so sweet! I loved how you made it expand over time, it made the fic great! I liked how Maureen's grandma was bi, too...yeah. Good fic.

3/5/2009 c1 23ProfessionalxDaydreamer
Omg, omg...I LOVED this story. One of the best i've read in quite a while.

I laughed out loud at some of the stuff in the beginning, like the "quiet game" (which I've played a few times before...lol) and 'what's an affair?' I also thought the relationship between her and her grandma throughout the years was very well developed...It was really sad when she was going through that box toward the end. :(

And of course I loved the MoJo-ness at the end. :D

3/5/2009 c1 3ILoVeWicked
Wow...that was perfect! I laughed at how adorable and spot-on Maureen as an eight-year-old was, and I almost cried when I read that Miriam had died. They seemed like a dynamic pair. Terrific job...because this was really just perfect!
3/5/2009 c1 45The 1000th Kiss
Aw! That was the cutest/saddest/awesomemest thing ever! :)

3/4/2009 c1 148GorgeousSmile
aw! That was SO cute...and sad. I felt so bad for Maureen. her grandma seemed like such an awesome lady. :D

and of course i loved the MoJo at the end.

wonderful job!

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