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for In which Snape befriends an old grey donkey

3/30/2014 c1 Guest
gosh, I just wanna cuddle them both!
3/12/2014 c1 tripperfunster
absolutely adorable! Very well written in the traditional Pooh style!
2/26/2014 c1 23silvers45
"The donkey patted Severus on the foot sympathetically. Severus frowned, but tolerated him."

Hahahaha! - that is such a Snape thing to think/do! And this whole story is just... crazy. Absolutely mad.

I love it.
1/31/2014 c1 4MIX400
Wonderful combination of two characters i would have never thouht of. Lovely one shot tgat you created with those two.
8/21/2013 c1 The Fantasy Spinner
Awww :) Winnie the Pooh and GrumpyOldCodger!Severus. Always a lovely combination. The style, too, is quite reminiscent of both JK and E.E. Milne; it was quite fun to read, especially because Winnie the Pooh was a favorite of mine as a child, and most especially Eeyore. Nice job!
6/7/2013 c1 15TrudiRose
This is absolute genius!
5/25/2013 c1 ReDish
5/2/2013 c1 Cariad-je
Two of my favourite characters- or at least, if they weren't already, they become so, the way you write them.

"They sighed, one last time, in unison."

Couldn't think of a more perfect pairing. Full marks for creativity. and love the A.A. Milne undertones. Thanks for a much-needed smile (ironically ;)
3/23/2013 c1 Marguex
I loved it, my two favorite characters in one story, just brilliant.
1/27/2013 c1 29fragonknight01
I suppose it is sufficient!
1/8/2013 c1 Antsloth
This is the most ADORABLE thing I have ever read! Seriously, I couldn't stop grinning like a maniac for about an hour after finishing this. I just LOVE the wistful, thoughtful dialogue between them. I really feel like they're kindred spirits! You are an amazing writer! 33
11/24/2012 c1 Quintilliuss
A nice story which made me smile a few times.
11/21/2012 c1 Guest
This is so charming - love it!
11/19/2012 c1 2Dominosrule
I loved reading that! The characters were very much...in character and it was very well written. Again, I loved it!
11/18/2012 c1 1turtledonkey27
my brain hurts, but it works.
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