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for Stargate: the new Alliance

10/29/2018 c1 darkfinder
what the movies are included in the show .
7/23/2016 c8 John D
Really good story please continue with it more chapters
6/14/2016 c8 Keith Conlon
Both Galaxies will need you to make this a crossover with Doctor Who also and have both the Doctor(Doctor Who) and the Bad Wolf(Rose Tyler) come in to save the day ultimately wiping out both forms of enemies.
12/19/2015 c6 Dun1
you do realize that the Odyssey took over 14 direct hits from Ori main weapons and that is not adding the secondary weapons that can bring down most ships with a couple of shots. If the Odyssey can go toe to toe with two Ori motherships and win it would take a lot more star destroyers to bring it down(this should be were the star destroyers have the advantage). Also the ship has stealth which would be very useful in a battle and beaming technology which has been used to defeat many enemy's on multiple occasions. The star destroyers will have no defence for beaming technology since they have never seen it before.
4/10/2015 c7 Notastarwarsfan
I thought the previous chapter established that the Imperials's shielding was ineffective against non energy directed weaponry. A rail gun's projectile still depends on kinetic energy to do its job. Just like a bullet would.
10/8/2014 c8 2Zomvee
Awesome story mate, I would love to read more of this.
9/2/2014 c8 Guest
good story more soon
4/21/2014 c3 4Nargus
Okay, a problem here. If the Alliance "don't have a large enough force to take on the remaining Imperial forces", then why would they escape to another galaxy? I think you're meaning they don't have large enough force to "spare" going to "search" for them in another galaxy?
4/8/2014 c8 paulmoss
Loving this story. It's the first one that I have read of this crossover and really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and keep the chapters coming.
3/29/2014 c2 Guest
Ouch, right in the fourth wall. I'm also curious about the zats working on stormtrooper armor. Shouldn't their combat de-ionizers counteract the zat guns?
3/27/2014 c8 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
3/26/2014 c8 4Major Simi
well so Kinsey is now a snakhead, well great chapter
3/26/2014 c8 10Fenrisulven13

Kinsey the Goa'Uld,
The Goa'Uld have one major flaw and that is their arrogance though now having been given ergononically proper weapons they could potentially pose a threat though if they still use that feudal mess they call society they would at worst be a minor stumbling block.

And the Tau'ri needs to build more ships!

You are right it IS a short chapter but good keep up the good work!
3/26/2014 c8 EvilTheLast
Good update. But agreeing to give all the world governments space ships and their own SG teams...well, who needs to worry about the Empire.
3/20/2014 c7 Guest
I liked your chat style, but try to stick with normal style.
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