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10/4/2013 c9 Dark Jetfire
Pretty please make more chapter soon
6/15/2013 c9 Dark fairy
Please continue with this story please
6/8/2013 c9 3Shizuka Taiyou
I feel bad for Prowl, Jazz and Axel for having to leave for something that wasn't their fault.

6/8/2013 c8 Shizuka Taiyou
Things are really being slagged huh?

6/8/2013 c1 8ABundleOfDaydreams
6/5/2013 c9 Fox2314
Please make more chapter soon
5/30/2013 c9 Layra
I love it , chapter 8&9. Pretty please update more chapter soon
5/29/2013 c7 Layra
Please update more chapter soon
1/15/2012 c7 2Foxes Are Us
wow just wow I have no words to discribe this the tension , the love and memores of the past poor prowl I feel sorry for him I understan what it's like to be a little bit of an outcast.

But it's always good to have friends that understand you for just being you.

love the way the pairing where tied in please carry on with this
8/21/2011 c7 1Prototron MJ Tornada
Hey! You should update this awesome story!
8/29/2010 c7 3Shizuka Taiyou
Things are going to get worse before they're going to get better aren't they? I have a feeling about that.

3/23/2010 c6 Shizuka Taiyou
Hey I missed your writing. Good to see it again.

1/25/2010 c5 WolvesFire77
I apologize for the late review, just got piled down with being sick and homework.


I totaly love how Bee is with not liking Prowl and whining about why they are trying to help poor Prowl and Axel. Though you pulled it all together with Bulkhead's little tibits.

Their reasoning and the feel of the words (that I personaly get) gives it an even more realistic feel.

I mean, come on, Prime can't be a hater to one of his own. It just ain't right. The day Prime turns his back on one of his own is the day the univers will probebly blow up. And the Hatchet, well, he can be grumpy and hurt you once in a while with his favorite wrench, but he's not known for abandoning a comrad(spellin?0-o)

Though an evil!Prime does sound kinda You get what I'm saying.

I so can't wait to see what happens on Dinobot Island.
1/20/2010 c5 9Refracted Imagination
Looks like there's a divide in the team. I hope Bee can learn from Bulkhead and not hate Prowl. Nice chapter!

- Refracted Imagination
1/20/2010 c5 3Shizuka Taiyou
Man Bee is slowly changing his mind. I just hope that Jazz will do the same before something bad happens.

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