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7/13/2018 c4 3Undertaker'sDarkLove
You have to continue this. It’s great.
1/4/2016 c4 Guest
"And Randy has pepper spray!"
I was really hoping that Matt or Christian were going to say that. But they didn't :-(
11/27/2014 c4 soulsister
I love this story so please finish it. I just have to know who has been abducting the superstars of the WWE. Great Job! KUDOS! PLEASE UPDATE OR FINISH SOON
6/22/2009 c4 x.Mayhem.x

I absolutely adore this. Matt makes me giggle while I squeal about everything else. Definitely a nice thing to return to after a road trip.
6/22/2009 c4 6runaway-zebra
Haha wow... I loved this chapter, you did an excellent job as usual. && I really like how Randy was portrayed as whiny in this story, it made me giggle (:
6/22/2009 c4 8Animal Luvr 4 Life
Oh, boy! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
6/21/2009 c4 XoX-ShAdAy-XoX
I cried just now because there's now more :(

I'm sad XD not.

Nice one hehe. Can I kidnap edge? PWEASE ANGEL!

Loves ya ;)

~~ Ray-Ray/Rayne/ShAdAy
6/21/2009 c4 6Esha Napoleon
Great chapter ;)
6/21/2009 c4 3Winchestergal78
Im sure the next chapter will be great, just like this one... Cant wait to find out whats going on!

Post more soon please!

6/21/2009 c3 Winchestergal78
Sorry! I forgot to review this chapter!

Awesome chapter, hope my flight gets undelayed soon! :D

Off to read the next one!

6/21/2009 c4 145Miss Meggie
loved it as always
6/21/2009 c4 29Livin on the EDGE
sweet, At least the stars are coming on their own. No need to kidnap them anymore. I just wonder who's taken Jeff and MVP. It's only a matter of time before the REAL kidnappers come to light.

6/21/2009 c4 22LastWhiteRose
hehe I enjoy this story so much XD. Update soon!
6/21/2009 c4 deeeeeeactivated
When you left a tweet saying you had updated, I was like z0mg, yay! Hehe. xD

Sorry I didn't review chapter three, I havent been on here in a while, so yeah.

But, I'm here to leave a big review. Or like, a small review with bunch of random talk, haha.

I like how Twitter's mentioned in this story, considering the fact that almost everyone's obsessed with it.

...including me, lmao.

Oh gosh, Chris and all his sparklyness. It's so sexeh. ;)

OH NO. MVP's been kidnapped. Poor thing.

LOL at the hamster wheel thing. Oh Randy, lmao. I still love him. :P

So, a bunch of WWE Superstars will be at the PSC HQ? (evil grin) lmao!

Update when you can, this story's amazing!


6/21/2009 c4 162Dark Kaneanite
Yay! Update. lol

Randy thinking that pepper spray is going to stop a determinded fan girl? *snort* He wishes.

I can't wait to see where you're taking this hun...I just hope I'm not on the insane side of PSC...but it's cool if I am, I have Kane like bi-polar. XD
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