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3/22/2009 c1 49Jo Z. Pierce
For some reason, this was not what I expected from the title - but it was better than I imagined! So beautifully done!

I even liked how in the afterword you reminded your loyal readers of Broome's prophetic dreams, which you gave to him. This ties into the whole theme of competing visions, which, even though they are your creation, are so essential to the whole premise of Hellboy - that your actions are not determined by your nature or fate, but by choices and individual decisions.

Well done!
3/18/2009 c1 6SugarTeets
i like one very much! Heck, i read some of your other works too (like them also). I'm new here and i just posted my own Hellboy story. I think you would like it. Read please. .
3/9/2009 c1 28TheShadowCat
Very beautifully done.
3/8/2009 c1 4Xandrya
Wonderful. That's really all I can say. It was a very interesting idea and a nice little oneshot. I'm surprised it doesn't have more reviews. I really loved the little bit at the end and it's nice to think that Trevor died with that as his last thought. :)
3/8/2009 c1 cornfields1
Hi Beth,

Once again, you amaze me at how beautiful you write, how you can process an idea from a tiny little detail that you have seen from the first film.

Thankyou so much for interrupting my tedious work day :)
3/8/2009 c1 8namiangelus
Thanks for dedicating this to me! It was great just as all your other fanfics are. I really thought you captured Broom's thoughts well. Thanks for giving me something to read about about Hellboy and Broom all these years. Anyway, thanks again! Keep on writing, I hope to read more.
3/8/2009 c1 7jelibeanne
This little vignette is wonderful! I have often wanted to explore the emotions of the man who raised his 'son' in such a way as to obliterate the whole 'nature versus nurture' debate. I want to thank you for tackling what I think is a difficult task of making someone who seems - generally - very rigid and disciplined, oh so very human. The emotions raging through Professor Broom... frustration, concern, loneliness, acceptance and finally love... show just how complex a man he really is.

As always, a joy to read and just another layer in the tapestry you are weaving in the Hellboy universe. It would seem that you may have a block in developing one story (of which I completely empathize), but not in the channeling of others. Well done!
3/8/2009 c1 226Zaedah
As always, perfectly planned and executed thought, bringing us a moment within a moment. His passing, for the quiet acceptance of it, was always something heroic and that was intact through this piece. The devise of the old glasses makes me ready to re-re-re-re-re-rewatch the first movie to see them as you did.

That you always make us think and peer closer at what we think we know is a gift, dearest.


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