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for Dangerous Intentions

1/6/2014 c7 1AnonymousRedhead
you promised not to abandon this. and to finish it?
4/3/2013 c7 Barbiejoyce
This is a really lovely story... I hope you will finish it. :)
10/15/2012 c7 taylorswift404

Next chapter.

9/20/2012 c7 1QueenCat1012
So you said in the last chapter that you wouldn't leave us hanging around anymore but as I've only just found this story and it hasn't been updated I find that hard to believe. please try to get back to this story as soon as you can because it's a very interesting story and your writing style is brilliant. Please continue it as it would be a shame to let such a good start go to waste. x
8/16/2012 c7 natzal
I want more! I'm wondering about Scorpius's intentions and I'd love to read some spicy moments :)
10/20/2011 c7 PrincessK16
Hey great story! Are u going to update anytime soon? I hope u do! U have a natural talent! :)
10/7/2011 c7 skwirl
Gahh, this was fantastic! Simply splendiferous, indeed.

/just ignore me, you've kept me up till 3AM with this here marvellous fic!

Anyway, I'm just going to say that I admire the characterisations and plotline and just, this is awesome. Really, I'm just hoping it hasn't been abandoned or anything!

I'm just going to add, I love the way the POV is done here! It's like, we have Scorpius' POV, but then whenever the two are together we're in Lily's head. It's really original, and it's really fantastically done!

Anyway, awesome story. Awesome, awesome, etc~

Hoping for an update soon! :)
5/22/2011 c7 Aquila Malfoy
Please update soon. I love this story.
1/31/2011 c7 Miss-Talkative
You updated! *cheers* another great chapter...I'm really intrigued how you going include the sentence from the summary...Will Draco and Ginny making an appearance (I'm a heavy D/G shipper!) anyhoo good job and thank you!

Shai x
1/18/2011 c7 4JRose16
that was really good update soon please
1/18/2011 c2 JRose16
pretty good so far
1/14/2011 c7 GreenApple94
nice story :) Just found it. i luv all of it :D
1/13/2011 c7 2wendysdarling
Wonderful story so far! =) It's very well-written and coming together really nicely. I just love, love, love Lily and Scorpius. I'm actually writing a Lily/Scorpius story myself, although my version of Scorpius is not as...devious. =P I love how you portrayed the characters.

Looking forward to more,

1/12/2011 c7 1BrooksDonnie
love it!
1/12/2011 c7 7Ella Ridell
Update please :)
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