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4/7/2015 c3 FallenRai13
plzz plzz plzz update
4/18/2014 c1 bla bla na
HAHAHA nice story you got there try too think of more jokes :D
10/21/2010 c3 1Monkeypig4
Please continue this story!
2/15/2010 c3 1Gwen Khan
Please please please continue this!

It's awesome.
11/29/2009 c3 josh148513
love this story. update soon. Can't wait is he going to sleep with both Mako and the sucubus at the same time or is he going to stop it before it goes to far.
11/12/2009 c3 13HikariNoTenshi-San
XD THis gonna be good isn't it? UDPATE!
7/11/2009 c3 23Dragon Ninja 1138
this is going to get interesting... update soon! :)
7/11/2009 c3 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter update soon.
7/11/2009 c3 1DMacIntosh
lol this should prove interesting.

and dude please if your going to write small chapters than please update often
7/10/2009 c3 1Dapster
I like the story, and the idea's are good. But such a short chapter... felt like you were just teasing us... you evil evil person! Still, the way you are approaching this part of the series is just awesome.

If people are bugging you about updates, ignore em. I personaly think you should try for chapters just a bit longer, but you can ignore me too if you want. All I can say is that the chapter didn't end very well, as though you finished midway what was supposed to be a chapter. I suppose that is part of the reason that I feel that it is too short.

Still, it's well written (a rare thing anymore!) and fun to read. So feel free to give me a digital raspberry if you want. Looking forward to your update.
4/14/2009 c2 9Lonely Stalker
i thot it was good.
4/9/2009 c2 12Inugo Kurosaki
This is a great fic. I just got into Rosario Vampire, so I'm kinda new with it. This is the first Rosario Vampire fic I've read and it's really well written. please update.
3/30/2009 c2 2Selena01
Its getting better! Please continue ^_^
3/27/2009 c2 StarwolfD1
Tsukane with wits. Nice!
3/26/2009 c2 spedclass
Awesome chapter keep up the good work and update soon!
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