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1/23 c44 Guest
" If you gaze too long into an abiss; the abiss Will gaze you" that is a very good Nietzsche 's quite about desires and instincts
1/25 c47 FireLikeFire
Thank you for this amazing story.
My condolences to your family, I was completelly gutted when I read on your bio that you passed away.
Your stories wil live on and you will be remembered fondly by many of us here in ffnet.
1/24 c8 9Chuni Luni
How awful of his parents to use the entire family fortune like that. If I were the Potter Ancestors I'd be pissed. Using some to help the war is one thing but all of it?
1/8 c17 a reader fan
Regarding the idea that Tom Riddle's "bad blood" made him bad. Yes, bad science. I would like to say in JKR's defense, that she was writing a series of childrens' books, rather like the Anne of Green Gables series. She uses traditional literary themes, such as orphaned protagonist, or a protagonist whose parents do not observe his adventures closely. Another traditional theme, (which I think she may have used unconsciously,) is good or bad blood. This was a big thing a hundred years ago and more. Anne of Green Gables was a protagonist who was orphaned so young she could not recall anything about her parents, and raised by people of lesser education.
Even though she was put to work at a young age, like Harry, she managed to take advantage of having learned to read, (compulsory education was a thing in most of Canada by the turn of the century.) Anne was an enthusiastic reader, although raised in less intellectual households, and even passed from one home to another as a child worker, to care for babies.
In one of the later books, Anne learns more about her parents, and lo and behold! Anne's parents were both high school teachers with good manners, "nice ways", and good brains. They also loved Anne very much, although she was only a few months old when both her parents died.
By the way, another theme is the tragic flaw, which is what killed Snape in the books. When we were reading these books as a family, (isn't that wholesome? I come from such "nice people.") As soon as it was revealed that Snape was a reformed Deatheater, I announced to the family that he would die before the books were over. Just another literary tradition.
12/21/2022 c24 4ScorchedOutcast
I can totally relate to being the odd duck out. Funnily enough, my parents and I also moved to Kentucky when I was younger, and while I have a few good friends, I still (After nearly two decades of living here) feel like an outcast sometimes. It's hard as a child to move around and go to new schools, especially starting in a school where most people know each other in some shape or form.
12/8/2022 c47 Guest
Awesome story. Really, really enjoyed reading it
11/29/2022 c3 Guest
This is one brilliant redemption of the old snaps-saves-Harry plot
11/30/2022 c8 2AkaDeca
Snape and McGonagall are carrying this plot on their shoulders dawg
11/29/2022 c3 AkaDeca
*inhales deeply*: LETTSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Snape is doing Merlin’s work my guy, I love that! Hook line and sinker!
11/29/2022 c2 AkaDeca
Snape is a king. I love this man so much bro. Rip Alan Rickman
11/27/2022 c47 Guest

You are an amazing writer. I’ve read this story several times but It’s a favorite of mine
11/29/2022 c16 Savage Qveen
severitus books need to have Narcissa in them more.
when i see her in books i does have no behavior
i would bow to her, her wish is my command, what you mean
anywaysss loving the book so far, kudus
11/15/2022 c5 2Lokiethegod
For the love of the gods please come back and remove your review answers or at least move them to the bottom of chapters. im on chapter 5 and your entirely to long AN is spoiling your story. If you want to boost your word count while answering people thats fine just do it at the bottom so people can just skip your spoilers
10/28/2022 c40 Dnclb4
Your imitation of Snape's snark is spot on. Bravo
10/27/2022 c3 Dnclb4
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