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7/9/2017 c9 adamthomas833
Hello, my name is Adam The Ninjawolf and I really like your story. I hope it gets updated soon because I look forward to it. Also, I'll keep waiting for it. please take your time. I truly loved the story though.:)
5/22/2013 c8 Guest
please update I love this story
2/2/2012 c8 7Sonosublime
I liked this chapter. It was very easy to picture what was going on - the three of them catching a moonlit ferry back to Tiny's former home island. And the awkward conversations between Shawn and Tiny were fun.
1/22/2012 c8 72MushroomWings
6/14/2011 c7 7Sonosublime
Hm, bringing back Dixie? I love her to bits so that would be great. But then again, dead things should stay dead.

Anyway, keep up the good work. And looking forward to reading more about Tiny's friends and the wolves. They're an interesting bunch.
3/1/2011 c6 Sonosublime
An enjoyable read. I like how you fleshed out Tiny and Dixie's home island, and it is getting more and more interesting.

I also really liked the first encounter between Tiny and Shawn, and they way that it felt familiar left a good mystery at hand at the end of the chapter.

Just a few small gripes I have:

- K. Rool is too... nice.

- The way that Shawn acted prior to and on the first date was nauseating. I don't really know anyone who would start crying or ask the girl if she loves him on the first date.

But other than that, it's a great story. I hope you decide to continue.
11/27/2010 c6 MonkeyShrapnel
I find this story to be top-notch in quality and is definatly one of my favorites, all you really need to add is a small amount of apperances by kremlings, of course if that's not what you're going for then by all means ignore this comment, great stories btw
6/25/2010 c6 72MushroomWings
HIIIIIIIII! Sorry me no talk to you in awhile. Xan(you know me as Alex) had to go to special camp. Tried to myspace-message you but computer screwed up. Anyway, me liked the two chapters! I have one thing to say to both Shawn and Tiny:

"A rose by any other name still smells as sweet."

Oh, and sorry about constantly changing my penname. Oh, and in case you don't know, Balthier is from Final Fantasy XII.
4/4/2010 c3 1Darelle The Author
Nice chapter, but Dixie as a ghost is kinda creepy, reminds me of Wrinkly from DK64 which also scared me. That dude that she has a crush on though was freakin' out, what was up with that. Nice story, OFF TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!
2/5/2010 c4 72MushroomWings
YAY you updated! It was GREAT, Lexi! I LOVED it! And you're welcome for using my characters Khaki and Rouge(...did I even say it was Rouge?).

And, yes, I got your text about it. And yes again, my mother is getting me minutes with this income tax check.*holds up check*Unlimited baby! CHA-CHING!


-Alex AKA Countess Grei

P. S., sorry I changed my penname on you. I kinda got into another fandom...
10/29/2009 c3 thatguy43
A good story, but there's just one problem: at the end of Donkey Kong Country 2, Crocodile Isle was destroyed. Still, neat story.
10/2/2009 c3 MushroomWings
Nice! I liked it, girl. Yes, I am living now, so don't worry. I will include a couple of your OCs in my DKC story 'That Whole Romeo And Juliet Refernence'.
9/18/2009 c1 5Captain Bones
I can't believe that a couple of kremling would kill Dixie after she was being peace to both islands. It's like the time someone killed Martin Luther King Jr. after he being all Black and white Americans together. To tell you the truth this story made me cry. Diddy and Dixie are my favorite couple in Donkey Kong Country.
3/29/2009 c2 5Dev3978
That was scary, and very well detailed too. You did a great job on showing the mood of the characters, but I also noticed you had the same problem I have with the weird deleting of King K.Rool's name, which I think is really confusing. Maybe its the period between the K and R? I'm also curious in Credd Rock too, and leave it to stupid kids to mess up a perfectly good peace treaty!
3/28/2009 c2 72MushroomWings
SxRF:Nice chapter!

MoK:O O O!Can our OCs be in there too?


MoK:I'm basically kind of like Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno(the way they were in the beginning)mixed together only my hair is red,there are no sleeves,I can control fire,and my bangs grow depending on how angry I am!My name's Manax!Or Khaki...or Pyro...whichever works!

*People stare at her*

SxRF:Believe it or not,she can still control fire even though she doesn't play with it.My character's description is basically like the way Hinata looks in Shippuden only I have Sharingan and my hait is more along the lines of a red version of Ino's in Shippuden.

MoK:But like my sis said,it was a nice chapter!Can't wait to see what happens next!^_^
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