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for Love's Triumph

5/7/2020 c22 50Cris Martin
Love reading the story but having troubles understanding the need for all the banter on V and Z love life
6/27/2014 c48 16QueenNaberrie
I read your more tragic version of this story first and, even though it was well written, I definitely enjoyed this version much more. What a lovely ending. :,)
5/11/2014 c48 1serenityselena
awesome story... I couldn't stop reading til I finished it :)
10/20/2012 c48 8Lady in black
What a ride! I'm glad I only found your story now because I think my patience would have worn rather thin over the course of the five years it obviously took to finish it. I read both versions of this story - this one and the one with the not so happy ending - and enjoyed them both a lot. The characters were descirbed wonderfully and true to their portrayal in the show. I mention this because I think it is extremely difficult for two writers to stay true to the writing style of the other. I don't think I could do it. Thank you for writing it. Thank you even more for posting it and I sincerely hope that I will get to see more of your wonderful work.
9/5/2011 c30 219Arianka
I'm sorry, I couldn't read it up to the end. I've read "A Father's love" two days ago and it made a great impression on me. I cried, I dreamt of it all night and now I started reading the alternative version of this capturing. No, no, and no. The first fifteen, maybe twenty chapters are interesting. But then... There are no other plots, only Diego's recovery. Diego breathing, Diego in fever, Diego caughing... I know the recovery is long, but writnig so much about every detail... I just got bored. I'm sorry for such harsh words, but I always expect honest reviews, good or bad, and prefer to write so. For now, I'm not interested how this story ends. In "A Father's love" there were emotions, the story was much more shorter and intense. It just stuck to my mind and I couldn't help but think of of it. It was all so... real and I reacted emotionally, which means for me that the story was realy good. I can't help the feeling that this story was written after requests in reviews to that one where Diego died.

5/6/2010 c48 10Windjammers
Excellent story! I was hooked from the very beginning. Zorro has always been one of my favorites, no matter if it was one of the old black and white serials, one of the movies or the series with Diego and Victoria. This was such a great read! Thank you!
3/30/2010 c48 6TomcatGM
Yay! It's done! I know it can be hard to stick with a story when you've lost your inspiration/motivation, but I'm glad you both stuck with this one.

The whole story was great, and I think you ended it in just the right spot. Anything more would have felt out of place.

Great story! :)
3/21/2010 c48 17MadaMag
Congratulations for the finishing of the story. I must say it has grown a lot more than the original/contra part. :D
3/20/2010 c48 3senselesswords
It's really hard for me now to write this review, because even with all its ups and downs this has been an excellent story.

I loved the idea of the epilogue, it gives a sense of closure that was somehow lacking in the previous chapter, but at the same time it gives plenty of room for imagination. I also like the idea of not going public with the secret of Zorro and only hint the possibility of that happening in the future.

It was a bit sad though, that Diego has to burden with the scars and all its limitations from that day in the cabin, after all he has a long life ahead of him. So I guess he got his happy ending but with a price, just like everything in this life except fairy tales.

About the whole story, I think it was excellent, maybe too long at times and too descriptive of Diego's illness and everyone's emotions to the point that some chapters should be edited from its original version to improve the pace of the story. But as I said before, it was still an incredible story, some of the few ones that has been completed in this fandom. So thank you smithcrafter and georgiamomma123 for making this.
3/20/2010 c48 10arty60
Thank you and georgiamomma for this wonderful story. I am so glad that you teamed up to bring us a happier version of your previous story. I'm so glad that everything turned out so well for my favorite characters. Even though Diego didn't recover completely, it was much more realistic and more believable. Applause! Applause!
3/19/2010 c48 WolfDaughter
I just wanted to let you (and georgiamomma!) know that although I have been very lax about reviewing I have read and enjoyed every chapter. It was definitely a realistic approach to Diego's injuries and recovery and the happier ending is *much* appreciated. Thank you both very much for this story. I hope you are able to continue writing in the future as I would very much enjoy reading more of your work.
3/19/2010 c48 5jlhtbs
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your story and how sad I am to see it finally end. It was both well written and had a wonderful plot line. I hope you will share another work like this soon. There are so few good stories in this catagory.
3/19/2010 c47 Anon
The tense in the epilogue of the story is different from the rest of it. Was that intended? It's pretty jarring. It also flipflops from present to past. You may want to fix so the story as a whole sounds more cohesive.

Otherwise, lovely story.
3/18/2010 c47 10arty60
A great chapter. I like how you let us know how things were going in the town and a little information on how Diego/Victoria's relationship is porgressing. I like how Felipe is talking and that Mendoza is in charge. Looking forward to the epilogue and a truly happy ending!
3/7/2010 c46 ilovedobermans
Ah. Sigh of happiness. SO well written! I am so glad Diego finally got to ride! (and since this is placed in a "M" rated subject, innuendos ARE to be infered!

I love that you had those verbal outbursts!

I doubt you will mention this, but I would really like it if the pueblo was to instinctively realize Diego is Zorro, even though they wouldn't say anything about it. They probably noticed him not showing up; he does more than just argue with the Alcaldes! He would probably still be out there catching bandits, and I can't imagine that has stopped just because De Soto is dead. Bandits don't care about stuff like that! Also, Diego would be able to ride Toronado into town, and not keep the horse a secret anymore. What does the de la Vega staff/vaqueros say/think now that Toronado is in their pasture? Is Zorro to be an open secret? Otherwise, why would Zorro leave his horse behind?

I also hope that he will be able to get at least close to his former level of expertise.

Is Mendoza to remain Alcalde? I don't know what I hope!

I had to chuckle at the news of the good Dr. giving Victoria that good housewife book! I wish I could have seen the look on Diego's face!

There are other things I am sure I would LOVE to say, but I just can't think right now, er, anymore!

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