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1/26/2014 c3 Smokescreen The Femme
*laughs* Pikachu and Timmy Turner! Some of my favorite cartoons are "The Fairly Odd Parents" and "Pokemon"! I'm happy you added those characters!
8/19/2013 c5 13BossBot97
8/19/2013 c1 BossBot97
Very funny! Hi Mr. BUM!
7/21/2012 c4 13Airachnid-Femme
I -wheeze- need to -cough- stop reading. I'm -cough- dying of -wheeze- laughing to hard.
7/21/2012 c3 Airachnid-Femme
I totally want to see Jazz and Skywarp smacking it down.
7/21/2012 c2 Airachnid-Femme
SoundWave happy hour... Something tells me that would make Prowl glitch.

Great job!
7/21/2012 c1 Airachnid-Femme
Hahah! A dalek costume, that is too funny. I LOVE Doctor Who.
6/20/2012 c5 Total wind bag
The show will go on. Am thinking of new show ideas for season 2. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Windbag. ;-)
6/25/2010 c4 53Shadowwriter01
Very funny.
4/15/2009 c4 29Northwest Sage
I love the image of the drunken trio hiding underneath the desk! For some reason, having Wheelie be there with Rumble and Frenzy made it funnier!
4/13/2009 c4 47autobotgirl12328
happy easter to you! love this story!
4/13/2009 c4 4shimmershadow30
hahahahhaha Sunstreaker is awesome hahahaha cant wait for next chap!
4/8/2009 c3 shimmershadow30
luv it! da twinnis rock!
4/8/2009 c1 shimmershadow30
hahahhahahahahahaha love da mental pic of 'Cooking with Blitzwing' hhahahaha XD
4/8/2009 c3 47autobotgirl12328
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