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4/5/2009 c3 13Meirelle
lol. The Mortal Kombat fatality sound effects. :D
4/1/2009 c3 36AutobotGirl6
LOlz, funny so far. Keep workin' on it. Idea: What if you...uh...had a talent/singing show, like American Idol, or America's Got Talent? LOL... :)
4/1/2009 c3 29Northwest Sage
The Trampoline and the Petro-Rabbit... Storytime with Grimlock rules. It has to be the highest rated program. I kinda liked how this chapter seemed like a program to a sporting event; the RO-SHAM-BO Grudge Match would rock!
3/29/2009 c2 Northwest Sage
"Story-time with Grimlock"... the images that brings to mind! Good stuff!
3/24/2009 c2 47autobotgirl12328
Happy hour! i want a happy hour
3/24/2009 c1 autobotgirl12328
can't hold back laughter!
3/20/2009 c2 CEDUX 94
man that isfreaking awesome
3/19/2009 c1 29Northwest Sage
Wheelie voicing Teletubbies? Cooking with Blitzwing? I love it! An entertaining idea with plenty of possibilities!
3/18/2009 c1 36AutobotGirl6
LOL it was funny! I just think you could have used more detail. That was just constructive critiscism. I was laughing, it was pretty good.
3/11/2009 c1 13Meirelle
lol. Starscream created a rogue Dalek. XD
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