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for Gundam SEED: Salvation

3/12/2009 c1 Inquisitor0
Looking forward for the next update...was wondering what's the time dilation between the two galaxies as they travel in the wormhole...pls have Rau Le Crueset stay dead...he got nuked by GENESIS that's impossible to survive and i'm not looking forward for another psychotic fanfic in regards of him trying to kill everyone even on his side...

also i would like to see how the Imperial MS fare against the Yuuzhan Vong...if u go by the SW expanded universe, even after the destruction of the 2nd deathstar, the empire was already being attacked by the Ssi-ruuk, and multiple moffs trying to take over the empire...Zavan is better off building his forces and not allying themselves with other imperial remnant forces...it's better for his competitors to kill each other and their enemy and then take over what's left...
3/12/2009 c1 32Tellemicus Sundance
Yeah, this does feel like a more refined version of the earlier story. I like it so far. Although I have to make one small question:

If the Emperor does indeed permit the creation of mobile suits (which is practically guaranteed), shouldn't he be more concerned with using them against the Rebels than against the locals of an alien galaxy? Consider the Rebels a good 'field test' in preparation against the locals of Earth. If you hold true to your previous story, then the next time that the Zavan will arrive at Earth will be with the intention of conquering the planet in the post-Destiny era. Do you really think that an ambitious admiral like him would travel out into 'unknown' space with mostly untested weaponry?

Actually, I think up an entire arc surrounding the creation of the Empire's new mobile suits alone! Like have rumors of the Empire developing a new brand of mobile fighter that would have no rival by any modern counterpart. And, like all rumors, they’d eventually have to work their way into the ears of the Rebels who’d HAVE to send an investigation team. It would go without saying that although the Rebels could locate and infiltrate the compound that’s developing the ‘mobile fighters’, the Empire would still manage to complete a fair portion of them before the compound is either destroyed or the blueprints are stolen. This would send the Rebel into either creating their own suits or locating flaws in the Empire’s designs that they could exploit in combat.

What would be REALLY interesting is if certain ‘well-known’ Star Wars characters were a part of that team and learned that these blueprints for the mobile suits were stolen from a previously undiscovered planetary system. I guess what I’m trying to say is that although the idea of Earth vs an Imperial Remnant would be an interesting story, shouldn’t you attempt to eventually ‘even the playing field’ by sending some Rebels to aid Earth? Kinda like what animefan29 was hoping to do in his own x-over.

Oh well, regardless of what you do, I still will greatly look forward to the next chapter!
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