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5/26/2009 c7 dixon-arrows
yay for update!great chappie *give ice cream* enjoy the imaginary ice cream...theres more where that came from if u update quickly Mo0-hoo-ha-ha *deviant laugh*
5/25/2009 c7 14bubbly4roxy
I like your story! plz update soon
5/17/2009 c6 bubbly4roxy
I like your story but it's Mortimer not Mortimore. Update soon!
5/17/2009 c5 dixon-arrows
huzzah for update! *hands cookie* "Cute lips"-hehe yes,yes they are
5/11/2009 c1 9sassanachs
Update soon plz! I think this maybe a new fandom for me and I'm hoping to see movie and read the book. Hope the romance comes soon=)!
3/17/2009 c3 dixon-arrows
hehehe...funny A/N's..I can't wait for the romance!
3/16/2009 c3 20Kallypso
Yeah another update! I think Dustfinger is fine by the way. And I'm glad you changed Maggie to Meggie. Keep writing!
3/14/2009 c2 5InkStainedFire
I have much love for the speedy update. Not to mention anything with Dustfingerness!
3/14/2009 c2 20Kallypso
The stories good but her name is Meggie, not Maggie. Sorry it bugs me. Other than that keep writing!
3/12/2009 c1 5InkStainedFire
I find Gwin adorable and wouldn't wholly mind if you sicked him on me, but I'll review anyway.

Short, but sweet. Make me happy and update, yes?
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