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for The Payback for Freedom

10/8/2018 c1 Guest
Sam is was self centered dick dean is lying in a fucking hospital abd all sam can do is self pitty himself and look for attention.

8/14/2017 c4 paz
2/17/2015 c4 2ALLS96
I know it is bad, but I love Hurt!Dean... Good story. Congrats :)
1/1/2015 c4 Arw165
Last chapter made me cry three times. History and dialogue seem simple, but so far they touched me more than longer, more complex fanfics I've read. Congratulations and thanks for the story.
1/25/2011 c4 116LaedieDuske
Very nice piece. I love to see Dean get credit for not just holding his family together, but for being intelligent and for, really, being the strongest of them. He held his family together, tried to be everything for both of them, protected them wherever he could. But he's as protective and supportive of absolute strangers as he is his family. He puts his life on the line for people he doesn't even know, fiercely protecting even those he doesn't like. He's an incredible, passionate, loving man and I think you've captured his essence nicely. It hurts to see him in so much pain, I hate seeing him suffer, but you brought him through the other side perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

7/19/2009 c4 Kimber1961
What a wonderful story! I really feel sorry for John sometimes...he has such trouble letting his feelings show...Dean also, but Dean's problem is he always feels obligated to be the strong one. And Paul saw Sam's darkness. These characters sre fantastic, and you've captured them beautifully! Love Paul, too!
6/30/2009 c4 20marinawings
this is an amazing story! i think you portrayed the winchesters extremely well, especially dean, of course. dean is pretty much my favorite fictional character-ever-and this story really showcases the main reason i love him so much... no, it's not his insanely gorgeous looks... it's his deep devotion to and love for his family. i love the way this story brought that out. and it was great to see john and sam looking after him in a time of need! and i liked the paul character, too. great story, full of awesome winchesterness, brotherly moments, and lots of dean goodness. wonderful!
5/11/2009 c4 ilaria84
what a perfect story!thank yu so much for writing it!
4/19/2009 c4 135Ani-maniac494
"Saying them now, with Dean so hurt, might be invoking some kind of payback for not acknowledging his feelings all those times when his sons were growing up."

I love the reference to payback again. :)

"It will be a tug-o-war between you and it. Haven’t lied to you thus far, not going to start now because you need to know. The pain, it’s nothing you’ve ever felt before. You’ll feel like you’re being ripped to shreds on the inside. Now, you have to understand, it’s pain that will make you question your sanity and your will. Many have given up to rid themselves of the pain and as strong as you are, you might consider it yourself.”

Oh, I like the sound of this! I mean...erm, poor Dean... *blushes* ;)

"He was astonished at how Dean had come to conclude that he had survived it himself and it only raised his estimation of the young man even more."

I love the idea of Dean figuring out that Paul survived the venom too. Awesome!

"...he should have known that Mr. Must-Have-All-Knowledge boy would never settle for simple acceptance or simple faith in an expert."

*falls over laughing* That's so Sam, lol!

"Dean then suddenly screamed, his hands grabbing onto both Sam and John’s arms. The scream was long and excruciating, loud enough to seemingly break glass, but instead it just pierced invisible shards of pain into both Sam’s and John’s hearts."

I LOVE this whole scene. :D

“He’s fighting for his life and all the two of you can do is argue over him like he wasn’t even in the room!"

Lol, I love the irony in this. It made me think of the Ghost-moment in IMTOD right away, lol.

"“Yeh, I’m not good alone. Never have been…my family…they mean everything,” Dean said without a note of regret in his voice."

This is such a simple statement, but it summarizes Dean so perfectly.

"“You see, I lost my son shortly after I broke out of the venom’s grip. He went after it for what it had done to me. I told him not to, but he had vengeance in his heart and I was too weak to stop him. The monster got him too before I finally killed it. He didn’t make it though…like I did…like you did.”"

I love this twist with Paul's character! It's exactly like something we'd see on the show. :)

Incredible incredible work, as always!

4/19/2009 c3 Ani-maniac494
It's taken me way too long to review these most recent chapters, but at least now I have even more to enjoy, lol! *grin*

"The medications they had tried were only barely keeping Dean comfortable and Sam knew the rest was Dean exerting all of the strength he had to suppress what the meds couldn’t. Dean was doing what he had always done, protecting his family from worrying as much as he could."

I LOVE this description. Poor Dean...

"Bobby had been very convincing and was able to secure Dean’s release."

Lol, now I can't help wondering, does he have a bunch of phones labeled with different MDs, lol, like he has for government agencies?

"He knows an expert on supernatural remedies further north of here in Eureka."

*falls over laughing* I love the name of the town, lol! Very fitting.

"Dean saw Sam’s struggling with obvious guilt and felt responsible. Dean thought to himself, “This is why I didn’t want Dad to call you. I didn’t want to put you through this.”"

So true! Dean always does everything he can to protect his family, even trying to protect them from guilt.

"He had gotten used to it, channeling it towards their dad, but he had missed being depended on, being Sam’s protector. Seeing Sam so scared now, taking up that mantle again felt easy and comfortable."

This is such a great thought. I agree, being depended on is something Dean needs...and so much a part of who he is.

"“Relax, son. Dean’s okay. The pain finally drove him under. Blessing in the end. We’ll keep checking him, but I’d keep hoping he’ll stay under for now. He’ll need the rest.”"

I like Paul! I can picture him perfectly from your description, and the way he speaks. He fits in the Supernatural universe perfectly!

"“Not to underestimate him, you know your son best, but I have to tell you, when faced with the pain he’ll suffer, death becomes attractive, a release from all the suffering.”"

Oh, I love this twist!

"“I will tell you that I felt something deep within your son. He’s a man who has a greater purpose ahead of him. I can’t tell you what that is, but if he survives this, he will do great things. There will be struggles, but he will overcome them.”"

This is an awesome line! I read it over several times, lol! :D

"Sam is an explosive waiting for the right spark. I tell you this because if Dean doesn’t survive, you need to know.”

Again, such a great line! And such a perfect description of Sam and what happened when Dean really did die.

Awesome work as always!

*goes to happily read the next chapter*

4/15/2009 c4 RedDragen
you did a great job, I wish you were not done but all good things come to a end.
4/15/2009 c4 zuimar
I'm sorry to see this story coming to an end, it was an awesome ride! Thank you!
4/15/2009 c4 ukfan101
Liked how Paul and Dean understood each other. I enjoyed the story alot, thanks for sharing it with us
4/14/2009 c4 masondixon
A good story with enough Dean whumping and plenty of interaction between the three Winchesters. Liked your o/c character; had an idea his son had died. I like stories that show Dean to be the very center of the family. It is a burden for him but it is also what makes him who he is. Thank You for your story and I look forward to what you write next.
4/14/2009 c4 10piquitv
thanks for the story, great chapter, and i really like Paul, great character :)
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