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3/16/2015 c3 28WinchesterNimrod
PLEEEASE CONTINUE THIS! don't just leave meh hanging!
9/9/2012 c3 JEREMY
So there IS something of an afterlife for a Jedi Master.

Impressive. Most Impressive.
7/6/2012 c3 ShadowfaxRunner
I know it's really late to review, but please update! I really like this story! The only CC I have is that Qui-Gon talks like us...like normal people. He's a Jedi Master, shouldn't he talk a little more like Ducky than DiNozzo
7/6/2011 c3 Kaitlyn S
This is GREAT! Totally original! I can hardly stop smiling because it is a kinda funny mental picture. I mean, Abby trying to hug Qui-Gon? And McGee and Qui-Gon ARE kind of "fric and frac".I can't wait for the rest! (I can just hear Tony teasing about Qui-Gon's name and his own "ninja senses") Please continue! -Katie
5/18/2011 c1 12Meester Lee
How did Qui-Gon get to Earth? Did he leave the Star Wars galaxy voluntarily, or did he come to Earth through some mysterious space warp? Or did Qui-Gon arrive in his Jedi birthday suit, the way Daniel Jackson was reincarnated in Stargate: SGC-1?

If one of the latter explanations, it might be fun to stumble in on Qui-Gon building a new light-saber on a hobby bench using Earth materials.
11/7/2010 c3 2Pliffy
LOL and oh men I had no idea there where 3 chapters(I reviewed in 2010) see? anyway please update soon.
11/7/2010 c3 Mockingjay2010
Love the story sooooo much! Plz update soon. Must...have...more...story...:)
10/31/2010 c2 Pliffy
Good story I read a lot of wikia so I know who is however not how to say his dang name LOL do you think some port in the story his past as Jedi will come out like the sith attache?
9/7/2009 c3 1Nikki Hatake
MOAR! Can't Wait!
7/27/2009 c3 11GWHH
6/27/2009 c3 1beanlords
This is an interesting idea. I like Qui-Gon with the group. The way the dialogue is written can be a little confusing to follow... and you say Qui-Gon A LOT but... anyways... uh huh.
6/18/2009 c1 10RM-Keyblade-Mistress
I 3 NCIS! (hugs you) This is the best story ever. I can't wait for the next chapter. (dresses up as Abby) Abby's my favorite character in NCIS.
6/17/2009 c3 RM-Keyblade-Mistress

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