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for tony sick

4/3/2013 c4 2I3charliepace
i luv it
6/6/2010 c4 Net Sparrow
We know from the TV-series, that Tony had an appendectomy, so i enjoyed very much your extended version of it. I always love a good story with a sick or hurt Tony ! tony puking on Gibbs is of course always a highlight. Thank you so much for sharing Tonys appendicitis, enjoyed your story.
3/27/2009 c4 41God'srider
it was unusual but good!
3/27/2009 c4 37XX-Samantha-XX
yay cute ending :) good story :)
3/18/2009 c3 Malesia
This story just keeps getting better please continue your story its great.
3/18/2009 c3 XX-Samantha-XX
yay new chapter, it was good. keep going :)
3/18/2009 c3 Retired FF Writer
Good premise for the problem. You have a great idea, I'll stick around to see what you do with it.
3/18/2009 c2 Retired FF Writer
Ok good content love the hotdog thing.

You were victimized by site formatting. You may want to go back into the document manager, clean up that first paragraph then go into my stories and replace it.

The repeated posting of chapter 2 was a little confusing but since it's your first posting, I am willing to bet you are having some confusion just like I did trying to figure it all out.

Do not hesitate to ask questions of fellow authors, I find there are some that are really friendly and helpful.
3/18/2009 c1 Retired FF Writer
Good start for a first fiction. I don't think Kate would be able to handle carrying Tony two steps, he's too big.

I am a fan of sick Tony fics.
3/17/2009 c2 12cflat
Not bad. Although the story (along with the title and summary) needs a little more work). The "first fic" in the title does not really need to be there. Also, you should have a disclaimer at least once in the story.
3/17/2009 c2 2ReadingWritingMusic1995
Ohh, i likey! Good good...oh wat the crap it's so effing awsome there is not a word awsome enough to describe it! Can't wait for the next chappie! Happy St. Pat's Day
3/16/2009 c2 37XX-Samantha-XX
i like it, is there anymore to this story ? :)
3/16/2009 c2 1NCIS Wolf
familiar situation to me. poor tony
3/15/2009 c1 Malesia
I love your story please continue

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