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for Demon of the Shrine: a Feudal Fairytale

7/15/2009 c3 heroesneedalancer
Ooh nice story. Interesting. :]
4/7/2009 c3 25Lorien Urbani
I don't mind the OOC -ness at all! Disfigured (or simply weird-looking people) always end up alone, and some people even write songs about how they should learn to be loney and love it. Now, I have my happy ending, and I thank you for this! I didn't expect it, but here it is, not typical and very beautiful!

I really, really enjoyed this short fic. It was quite refreshing to read about HoND in this way, through other characters. Although I do not the Inuyasha universe very well, I still think you did a great job. It really shows you love HoND, and Inuyasha as well. GREAT!
4/6/2009 c3 Oddball1971
Why are you apologizing for the characters being OOC?

This is a very well written adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame using different characters in a very novel way. There is no possible way that you could have done this without changing most of the character's disposition to a large extent.

I think you deserve kudos for even coming up with this, to say nothing of the quality of your story.

Good job.
4/6/2009 c3 6Namike
Aww, cute ending! Cute story! Great work on it! :)
4/5/2009 c3 7hispanicinuyashalover
that was awesome. it would be so cool if you make a sequal to it. =)
4/5/2009 c3 TendoAkane92
Lol, I'm mad at you! You ended it too son! =(

I loved this story, it could've been longer, but it was really well-written! The ending was a bit rushed though. I really wish it could've been longer because I loved it and it was good =)

Nice ending though, really well done! I hope you continue writing more stories and updating the ones you have :)
4/3/2009 c2 TendoAkane92
Wow, this is really well written! I loved it! You have the like perfect grammar of an English speaking person :)

I didn't like how Kagome was about to let Kouga go so far as I've always thought of her to be more innocent and shy, but that's my only critique! This story is AMAZING! :)

I love it! :)

Lol, you wrote about it in the Ranma disclaimer so I got curious and began reading. You are an amazing authout! Def. one of my fav! Good job! Update both stories now, lol because the cliffhangers are killing me :)
3/27/2009 c2 25Lorien Urbani
Amazing! You really manage Inuyasha's characters well in Gugo's story. That part with Inuyasha saying "She gave me water" was absolutely touching. My favourite part was Naraku's conversation with the priestess. Really well written. I am pleased, more than pleased, with your take on HoND. I can't wait to read how you'll tackle the last part and other important events that have yet to happen! Kudos! WMS!
3/26/2009 c2 20Onineko Hikari-chan
CLIFFIE! I LOVE CLIFFIES! Please write more! I love this!
3/26/2009 c1 Onineko Hikari-chan
Wow, this is good! Man, why do they call him a monster! He's the handsomest creature ever!
3/26/2009 c2 6Namike
Oh man, this is wicked awesome! I can't say that I remember knowing the story of HoND, but I do know Inuyasha like the model of a car (and that's pretty dang good :p). I really do love how you made connections between people, especially Sesshomaru and Kagura (I whooped when I read that lol). I must say, I even like where you placed Kikyo (and, being a natural Inu/Kag fan, I despise Kikyo for the most part). Just as well, where you placed Kanna is just absolutely perfect! *reads on* Oh man, Kohaku and Rin, too! Dude, you're amazing when it comes to couples. :D Did I mention how happy I am that you included Ayame in this story? Rarely outside of the anime do I ever see any mention of her.

Keep the story coming! I am really looking forward to reading more! :)
3/16/2009 c1 25Lorien Urbani
This is a surprise! It's a cross-over fic and a three-shot! Very nice surprise. Well, I know Victor Hugo's story and Disney's beautiful cartoon. I don't know Inuyasha that well, but I remember the things you have told me about Inuyasha and I must say, a job well done! It's not easy to assign fixed roles to other characters, but I think that you've accomplished that with ease. This is not your first cross-over, and I can tell you're talented. Again, it shows you know what you want exactly. It was interesting and refreshing to read Hugo's story like this, with Inuyasha's characters and set in an AU world. Inuyasha is a perfect replacement for Quasimodo. Honestly, I am truly, truly curious to learn more, so yes, please, please, post the other two parts in the near future!

3/15/2009 c1 17IvoryNemRodd
Excellent choice o fparts for the inu gang. Please continue

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