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7/25/2019 c8 175Donnamour1969
Loved these sexy interludes. So expertly written. I'm glad I found you, albeit very late. You have inspired me to go back to writing my own fanfics, so thanks for that too.
4/1/2010 c2 ethnica
Wow! Steam hot! Cecelia was inevitable with all that going on. Great tale!
3/1/2010 c8 5GAbbyIsLove
Beautiful work!

I enjoyed this tremendously. :D

Thanks so much for sharing your great work with all of the Jam fans out there!
12/12/2009 c8 6squirrelweevil
fucking amazing!
12/2/2009 c5 19madAmeSaysWhAt
Win-win-win situation. God, Michael is the best XD
5/20/2009 c2 1ahealthyaddiction
I absolutely LOVE this story! This was an incredible chapter. Super hot, but so sweet... "Are you really going to marry him?" made my stomach flip. love it! can't wait to read the rest!
5/16/2009 c8 2pamelamorganhalpert
The end as in THE END? I hope not... Well maybe you could write a story about baby JAM over the summer. As in follow the exact time line of her pregnancy, you know what I mean? It would make me so happy... to have the alert in my mailbox...

Anyway, like always, great story. It's amazing how you can come up with new spice for each chapter, if i tried it would all be so similar, just fill in the blanks. Great job overall, if indeed this is the very end (so you have more time to write a baby story!). Not whining or complaining, of course, though :}
5/15/2009 c8 5bingbangboom714
Great ending!

5/15/2009 c8 Cytla Seuhans
aww i'm sad to see this end. this is seriously one of the best fanfics i have ever read.

loved it!
5/15/2009 c8 219Kristyn94
Squee^^ That was adorable^^ I was totally watching season 2 of the Office on Netflix and I kept thinking how if they had babies that they would have green eyes^^ Umm... smexi/adorable chapter (as usual)... if someone leaves a STUPID review ASSUMING that you were gonna do something in your story that you weren't should I, I mean you hypothetically *looks around nervously* hunt that person down and smack them? Or would you... not do that? Or something... Anyways (as I take up review space with my anger) awesomesauce story! Jim and Pam are a perfect couple and... you're awesomesauce^^

Luff, Chicky^^

P.S. Yay!
5/15/2009 c8 9bandwitch
This was perfect.

After the finale last night, I had mixed feelings about the baby. I LOVE Jim and Pam but I just wasn't sure if they were ready. I was afraid the baby might change things. That it would never be the same again.

This convinced me otherwise. You perfectly captured the essence of them. Reading this made me realize that while the baby might change things, Jim and Pam will ALWAYS be Jim and Pam. They will always find time for each other. They will always be hopelessly, fantastically, frantically, beautifully in love with each other. And the baby is really just a product of that. They will go through the journey together. There's nothing they aren't ready for as long as they are together.

I can now say without a doubt that I am one hundred percent ready (and looking forward to) a Jam baby!

Thank you. I don't know you, but you just made my day. My week, even.

Much love!
5/15/2009 c8 5IsleofSkye
Wow. I loved this. *sigh* They are so AMAZING together. Seriously. Great job.

Also, towards the beginning, I noticed that you accidentally wrote Luke instead of Jim. Just tellin' ya.
5/13/2009 c7 2pamelamorganhalpert
oh. that was intense! nice job, it's amazing how you can come up with all of this stuff! quite entertaining, mr. halpert... where can i find one for myself?
5/13/2009 c7 219Kristyn94
How adorable/smexi. I started watching the Office a few weeks ago and I'm already addicted to it! Great story, can't wait for the next update... or updates on other stories (Packaged Goods, Packaged Goods, Packaged Goods);D
5/1/2009 c6 5bingbangboom714
Great job!

Loved it!

Update soon!

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