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2/12 c1 guest
For those reading these to see if they'll like the fic,


Rereading your oneshots. This is my favorite.

I'm not quite as hard on Hermione as you, but I absolutely agree about Dumbledore, and then some. I'd have given him nastier choices if I could think of any. Given how conceited he was about both his influence and magical power, your two may have been nasty enough. He could have been deprived of both, though, and not suffered more than his due.

Something did click in my mind when you segued immediately from Snape's feeding HP a potion to a statement that the magical world was mourning him. Draught of Living Death, perhaps? The click became a loud rattle at the mention of the mysterious Muggle heir. Good for Harry!
12/6/2020 c1 3Charlee56
Really great "end of it all" tale!
'Venefica'... I like that!
11/4/2020 c1 Millie072
Exceedingly interested. Nicely set-up with Snape delivering that potion. As to how the will worked out: Hermione, for all that she spied on Harry for Fumbles, she truly thought she was doing this for Harry's good. Ron was in it only for the money and fame. Mostly everything else was agreeable. Malfoy was over paid, 5 million would have been excessive. Why did Molly get g50K & Arthur g20K? Usually revenge stories aren't all that good, this was excellent.
10/18/2020 c1 Snape'sSlitheringSlytherin
Aww glad Snape helped. solid ending
9/23/2020 c1 pedrokotii
Ah, the very first lesson in Potions that was taught to Harry Potter by Severus Snape. Asphodel and wormwood, ain't that right? Well played, sir. Very well played.
8/31/2020 c1 5ProfessorBowties
I have often seen people bashing the Weasley's for following Dumbledore's commands and making a fake friendship with Harry, but no one bashes Hagrid on the same principle as the Weasley's, for aiding Dumbledore in his mission to undermine Harry
An what about the 'true friends'? If Harry cared about them so, then why is he not taking care to inform them of his survival. I'm sure Luna, Neville and Hagrid would be ecstatic.
8/27/2020 c1 4Dragonflydotcom
love love love love love!
7/26/2020 c1 Bb34
What a twist.
6/17/2020 c1 4JheremyC
Well written and an interesting plot. Thank you for sharing your stories.
12/26/2019 c1 SpockST
Excellent take on an alternate ending.
12/1/2019 c1 kimjo2
Beautiful! Thanks so much
10/25/2019 c1 7Accio Allsorts
At the Draco Malfoy part, I read the oath and in the time it took me to read a line or two I, natural loophole-finder that I am, thought: "He could just fund them without actually swearing allegiance" and lo' and behold, Malfoy realises the same thing. Maybe I was sorted into Ravenclaw too early...
6/9/2019 c1 mumphie
Huh...I thought he would be at the manor he gave Remus. That way he would have a wonderful surprise for the man he respected. And it would be a shame to not go for OWLs and NEWTs under the Damien name. That way he could keep options open.
Anywho, good story.
5/13/2019 c1 iadorespike
Loved it, thanks so much!
5/3/2019 c1 Kai
Harry's love for Ginny couldn't have been that great anyway, if he doesn't even know her name. Because her name is "Ginevra" instead of "Ginerva".

The bequests are wildly disproportionate. Malfoy was his enemy and gets 10 million galleons. And Weasley housed and fed him and was his role model as a father and gets 100,000 Pounds which he can't even spend in his world.

The story is so obviously AU concerning Hermione's character, it's not even funny. Okay, for some reason you seem to hate her. I greatly enjoy every level of Dumble!bashing as well because I hate him, so I can understand it a bit.

But the authority-worshipping bitch set a teacher on fire, only TEN WEEKS into her new life as a witch, just because her friend was in danger. She stole, she lied, she set people up to be kidnapped by hostile non-humans, she beat up other students or hexed them, she broke into restricted government areas, she organised illegal meetings of a subversive group, and all of those to help her friend. She had her moments, yes, especially the no-contact during the summer 1995, but authority worship surely didn't keep long.
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