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12/31/2015 c1 3demind70
I'm so happy I found this. Love the story. 3
1/22/2015 c1 6TheRammbler
Aw. Been looking for a good Masaoka fanfic. So thanks. Definitely satisfied my craving. Well done. :)
1/10/2015 c1 2Princess-Orlaith
I really need to meet people who write like you. Seems like you have such lovely views on life and how you take it. Anyways I've always had a soft spot for Highschool Debut, such a favourite manga. And even more for Asaoka and Mami. They are just beyond right for eachother. Like Asako just seems like a nice guy to people, but hes so much more than that, like hes so clever and geuine ugh. Like perfect for Mami. Loved how you made them have a very real relationship in this. Faved xx
12/18/2013 c1 23CrazyAce'n'PokerFace
an awesome fic for two awesome but highly underused characters, and an even awesomer and (unfortunately) underappreciated pairing. thank you for writing this, you got their personialities JUST right. :D
5/18/2013 c1 PinkSangria
Awesome! I loved this! I think you truly captured Mami and Asaoka perfectly! It's challenging to find an author who can capture these two characters just right and make it work out in the end! Fantastic job!
3/20/2013 c1 3Hinotori Ai
Good job with this one. I like this couple and really wanted to see more of it in the book.
10/24/2012 c1 leah
FINALLY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Plus, I like Asaoka, and Mami is a good match in a way for him. Good job portraying what was in my head for so long.
9/22/2012 c1 7Felix02
You captured them perfectly! Just perfectly. Thank you.
12/10/2011 c1 49KenRik
So beautiful. TT.TT Write more please. TT.TT
11/6/2011 c1 Tsavorite Garnet
This is great! You captured the characters perfectly.
10/30/2011 c1 Subtle Reader
MAMI AND ASAOKA FOREVER. (or you know, for a while)

Sigh, I love fanfictions formatted like this. Little cut scenes, taken as a slice of life insight into two characters and and how their interactions gradually grow from indirect friends to significant others.

I love reading scene re-tellings. If written well, as this one was, you can give even the most dullest story a little extra life for others to enjoy. Not saying that High School Debut was dull (my heart hurts from the fan girl moments) but reads like these really bring out its greatest untapped potential, Asaoka and Mami.

It was marvelous. :)
8/27/2011 c1 8slowbromybro
I agree with you- there really need to be more asaokaxmami fics! Especially lie this one. ;) But seriously- this was an amazingly awesome fanfic! Great job and keep up the good work!
6/3/2011 c1 Jessie
I really enjoyed it- you captured Mami's character perfectly. More please!
4/18/2011 c1 9isadorator
Seeing Mami being a little clueless about love is hilarious, while being realistic. I truely like the relationship you built up between her and Asaoka in this fic. Good job!
4/8/2011 c1 6andIJDC
I just started re-reading HSD and was feeling for some Asaoka/Mami but there really isn't enough in this fandom -.- sigh...

but luckily I found this story! ^o^ really nice and had a really soothing/peaceful/calming/whatever you call it feel to it...

yup... really just so sweet and you hit the character's spot on I think!
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