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for Absinthe

1/20/2012 c1 39Timemidae
Wow, this was really cool. I love how she is like the personification of everything the moulan rouge is about.
9/26/2010 c1 33Pelahnar
That was kinda cool - and it totally makes sense, putting the green fairy in charge of the night. And making her want revenge - sorry, but I don't think I'd want to be on the receiving end of her story.
4/4/2009 c1 9Traveler of Worlds
I don't think that was weird at all. Moulin Rouge has its own style, and you managed to capture that. It's sort of a myriad of images and impressions, and by giving life to a figurative being, you gave another viewpoint of Satine's fall. I think this was written brilliantly. Only one thing. "but shock damps the electric buzz of the atmosphere." It should be "shock dampens." Great piece, definitely intriguing.

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