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for Leah's Secret

7/21/2020 c9 1louisemercury2019
please update
7/19/2018 c9 Jazz
Plz continue with your amazing writing
12/27/2012 c8 diamond jacobs
i really like it because Sam and Leah became friends again
5/26/2010 c9
I happen to think this is very good already, so please hurry and fix the things you want to fix so I can read more. wow, that sounded selfish. Whatever. I just meant to say that I love this story. :)
5/8/2010 c9 Paloma
wanna see what happens with Sam and Jake. and Leah and Sam. and how all of the secrets will be revealed. cnt wait(:
4/20/2010 c3 31Sakura Lisel
Um... Couldn't Leah have simply REFUSED to take up her new duties as a wolf of the tribe? She had more important duties like her FIVE YEAR OLD daughter, who needed her more than the tribe she left six years earlier. She shouldn't have had to just completely give up the life she started outside of La Push to become a wolf guardian of La Push and Forks.
4/11/2010 c9 1AllieBlack16
take as much time as you need

you can't rush an author
3/29/2010 c8 TroiVen
great story I'd love to read what happens next
12/18/2009 c1
I love this chapter ;]

its awesome :]
11/29/2009 c8 Vampreader
I like it
10/28/2009 c8 ixy88
LOVE THE STORYY...please post soon
9/18/2009 c8 BeautifulPieces
9/15/2009 c8 4Glittercups69
kyah! if you don't hurry up and update I might have to kill you in your sleep!
9/7/2009 c8 102013as
awesome, cant wait for the next one :)
8/22/2009 c7 2evilwriterofdoom
great chapter, i just found this story and i think its awesome

i hope you update soon.

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