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for Rising Fire

12/21/2009 c5 jerrabeara
i can't stand it please write on! i'm dying
12/21/2009 c5 Jorgieee
I really enjoy the story. please keep on writing because I can't wait to see the next chapter.
5/15/2009 c3 8EmotionallyConfuzzled
Gain, I really loved it. You need

to concentrate on making your chapters longer,

missy! :0

lol, I really like it, and heres an

idea: Edward starts to

feel a little bit human too O_o didn't

expect that, did ya?

Well, maybe you did...I dont care!

U dont have to use the idea, but I really like this story, and it was a pretty good chapter.

Try making them longer! :( I want more reading time! Pleases?

xoxo-Edward-Jasper-Love (Aka-Kitty!)

4/30/2009 c2 EmotionallyConfuzzled
Okay, listen. I REALLY love

this story, and I REALLY

want you to continue. I

think its a great story

idea, but you do need to

work on flowing your words

together more, because it

seems that they're kind of

forced. I hope that you

continue this story, because

I really don't want it to go

to waste. I want to read every

chapter you write, and again,

I really want you to update. To

catch more people's interest,

you should probably write a more

interesting summary. I clicked

on it because I like stories

where they start to feel more

human, and you said that about

Bella. I REALLY love the story

and want you to continue!

So please update soon.

And btw, if you didn't know,

R&R means Read & Review.

xoxo-Your faithful reader, Edward-Jasper-Love
3/16/2009 c1 9prelude to the final moment
i thought it was really good, but you have yet to capture your voice, alot of the dialogue seems forced, especially the bit with charlie, work with it a little more and i'm sure it'll be great, good luck,


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