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for Words Merely Ruin

11/24/2013 c1 imago-dm
It's always nice to see Dir en grey in a GaaraNeji fanfiction since I think Gaara reminds of Kyo so much.
6/3/2009 c1 mizzpixie
O! I want more of this fic! it sounds so smexxi! I thin kyou could totally dominate this one. You have a real talent for dragging the person into the story. You could so harness that in this and Melody and Lyrics. BTW, I will beta read for you if you'd like. I understand how it is with dyslexia. I suffered from temoprary dyslexia. thank god it wasn't permanent. but if you need me you know where to find me.

(soz bout the seriousness of this one)

the notorious Mizz Pixie

5/13/2009 c1 9Escapee From The Asylum
MORE! That's all I have to say...
3/25/2009 c1 2Deleted by fanfiction
I want more!


Very interesting, teh drama, but it seems a bit rush... :x

please update, and I shall love you forever. ._.

3/17/2009 c1 Hanai-kun
Aww, you can't end it like that!

I hope you keep writing more of this, it would be interesting.

Aww.. Neji and Gaara are so sweet.. Well, kind of. =D

It was cute in the beginning when they let the caresses and such speak for them.

Heh, I kind of like Naruto being a jackass! XD

He used some nasty words.. And then a fight came out of it.

AND they are locked up inside the school? Tough luck. XD

Intersting anyway, and I love the pairing.
3/17/2009 c1 23KatrinaEagle

Is this a one-shot? Or multi-chap fic?

Still. :D

This is really good. I like it. :D

Except for the name calling, yeah. I don't think Naruto would call Neji an 'ice bitch'.

Personally speaking, of course.

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