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7/14/2012 c5 3aniki19
I watched that episode too n my heart just broke for poor kyle! And the worst part was there wasnt any closure on behalf on kyle...there was closure for julia but not poor kyle! Upset,man!
Thanks for taking that episode a little further...poor kyle...would be even better if he could move on to a new chapter,right...*hint,hint*...
p.s...im a late...erm...very late csi miami fan..so all these is very new to me so i still have e enthusiasm 4 it...i hope u still do...n we get to review another chpt,soon! Please?
2/9/2011 c5 13creativesm75
3/24/2010 c5 IAmNoLongerUsingThisAccountAnd
WoW! This Is So Good! Maybe You Could become A Writer or Something...make Sure You Update Soon!
2/7/2010 c5 6bella3590

update soon! orelse...-evil glint-
12/27/2009 c5 5baka-onna2003
Wow! It's so hard to find a decent story which involves Kyl, s whe I first found this, just wow. There are rumors that the Kyle plotline is being put on hold for now so that the directors can 'explore new directions with the show'. It might be a while, but there is still hope! Keep up the excellent work! I look forward to your next chapter(s)!
12/23/2009 c5 Baxin-Six
Loved it. It was a nice edition to the episode, I liked getting Kyle's perspective. I know about the spoiler for later this season and I'm definitely looking forward to it. : )
12/23/2009 c5 BettyJenSA
I can't thank you enough for giving me a Kyle fix, I definetly miss him. This chapter was Great. I hope you update soon. I also pmed you.
12/23/2009 c5 2Chris Pine Fan
Good Chapter, Wonder What You Have In Store For This Story. Continue When You Can.

12/22/2009 c5 5princess moon shadow
Love it!
12/17/2009 c4 2Chris Pine Fan
Aw Good Story So Far, Wonder What's Going To Happen In The Chapters To Come. Please Continue I Wanna See What Happens Next, Keep Up The Good Work.

9/9/2009 c4 BettyJenSA
Bummer, I had hoped Horatio would like to get home and spend a few minutes with his son. He should be happy it worked out - it didn't for the man at the resturant. Update soon
5/11/2009 c4 1Mama A
who are these happy people you speak of? I wish to meet and depres them!

sorry my lifes kinda sucky at the moment and i have a sick sense of hummor.

love the story. hope to see more of leslie!

5/11/2009 c4 4Wolf of Legend
I cant wait until the next update!
5/10/2009 c4 5princess moon shadow
Love it!
5/10/2009 c4 16Mrs. Darcy1234
That would have been something I would have liked to see in the episode, I don't know about you but I was angry at the end when Horatio was with those kids, like hello your son just almost died. But overall liked the chapter, keep up the good work.
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