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for Crash the Party

9/2/2020 c2 TokoFan
Just started reading and I’m hooked! Did you stop or are you going to continue it?
-Someone who really wants for this story to continue.
6/21/2012 c2 Denise2016
Please continue writing its a great story! i really want to know what happens with toph and zuko on their mission:)"
12/24/2009 c2 existential-despair
pmgs that wuz awesome and lol to sokka saying we're watching you, and your seducing ways" lol XD i almost died of laughing on that and aw cheek kiss already damn, Toph os wrking it Xd lol plz excuse my retarted comments XD soes...when continuing? huh huh huh huh? plzkaythxbai :D
7/8/2009 c2 22Liooness
it's got a really good start, but the conversation seems a little forced sometimes and sometimes there's no description and then too much ( the food) maybe try finding a way to meld the description into the conversation, action and dialouge bouncing off each other, but otherwise good job. got a good plot and good start
4/22/2009 c2 A711owner
i thought that the whole budda-jumps-over-the-wall was a joke u put in to c if ppl were reading that part
3/27/2009 c1 1Lady of the Dark Night
Now thats just mean leaving it there, you have to update, this story has so much potential!
3/21/2009 c1 R h3artless
What is she wearing?

grsh..poopy head.

3/19/2009 c1 2Equify
I'd like to see where your going with this. It could go so far. I'll keep r/ring if you keep updating.

3/18/2009 c1 15SpyralHax
Must be quite the shock, to see a tomboy like Toph in such a get up. Hope you can post more of this soon, seems like an interesting story so far.
3/18/2009 c1 2Vampire Loser

i really like this story

you should update
3/18/2009 c1 1agcrocks
Totally love it, please update as soon as possible.

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