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4/23/2009 c9 MagicThief
Haha. I look forward to a wicked battle. XD Those are always great to read. Look forward to the next chapter.

~ Thiefy
4/23/2009 c9 1JASPERxHALE-YES
4/21/2009 c8 2pixidancer22
AH! Yay! I am so glad that you updated! This chapter was simply amazing! Ek! I CANNOT wait for more:D Write fast...uber fast!

P.S. Glad you have fun at prom:D
4/21/2009 c8 1JASPERxHALE-YES
Love it!
4/21/2009 c8 Ana568
I serioiusly love this chapter but i'm still looking forward when Bella and Edward meet i'm so exited!
4/21/2009 c8 girl278
lovely chapter


go there, nominate stories!
4/16/2009 c7 2pixidancer22
OMG! Hury up and write faster. I am like Alice in the car-bouncing wildly! Hury! Please. So good:D
4/14/2009 c7 Ana568
Intresting chapter hope to see the next one son!
4/13/2009 c7 2HattersGirl13
Ok it was really good and I liked it alot but Seattle is not that big and I would know I live there but whatever

4/13/2009 c7 sprinter1
wo that was flippin incredible! hehe the girls are going to meet the boys soon! yay! cant wait for chapter 8! please update soon!
4/13/2009 c7 girl278
Ha, nice.

Upate soon sweets.
4/11/2009 c6 Ana568
Cool chapter looking forward to see the next one soon!
4/11/2009 c6 girl278
nice : )
4/10/2009 c6 2pixidancer22
OMG! I love this chapter:D Can't wait for more:D
4/10/2009 c6 itstartswiththeyes
This chapter is very well written ;) I love it. I hope you can write more soon! Longer too? Please. (:
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