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for Anima Animus: A Ryu and Chun Li fanfic

4/10 c18 Guest
This story sucked after the guile part, you made trash man
4/14/2014 c1 miggy
It was a very good story, I loved how you managed to make Ken and Ryu's personality match their canon street fighter personalities. The only thing I have to critique is your spelling on the Japanese words that you've used, most of them are correctly spelled but there are misspellings like "sabushi" which is correctly spelled as "sabishi" in romaji or "yamiro" which is correctly spelled as "yamero" in romaji. Double check your Japanese word spelling, other than that it was a good read thank you for writing this :)
8/9/2013 c31 11XavierMalory
Okay, I've got a lot to say, but I'm kinda lousy at remembering all the details, so I'll start with the summary.


This was an amazing story! I haven't played Street Fighter since SF2 (so you know how far behind I am). However, I did play Marvel VS Capcom, so I knew a lot of the characters. Where do I start...

Your writing style is phenomenal, and your grammar and spelling are perfect. I realize the latter compliment there really shouldn't be a compliment, it should be a standard. But I've seen way too many stories on this site that have a great plot and shitty grammar or a poor writing style, so this deserves praise.

The storyline itself was great too. The drama of the relationship between Chun Li and Ryu was just right, with the trials and tribulations one would expect without it being all sappy.

I also enjoyed the Japanese "lessons" that are given at the end of each chapter. I saw you published this story without the Japanese words, but frankly I think it does the story justice to have them. It helps to better define Ryu's character and his background, as well as the contrast of the other characters who interacted with him most.

Okay, now the critique.

The story was a little short, and in some cases felt somewhat rushed (particularly with Akuma, Bison, and the other antagonists). More detail was given to the relationship side of things, but perhaps that was your intention. I would've liked to have seen this story longer (partially because I'm sad its over), but also to give more weight to the role the antagonists played in the story.

Also I loved the ending (but then I'm a real sucker for cheezy happy endings). T'was very cute indeed.

Oh and saving the best for last. Loved your lemon descriptions. It was perfectly complimented to the story's general romantic theme. Sometimes you have writers who hardly give any detail (either for fear of having their account banned or they just don't know), or those who probably give a little too much (said reviewer begrudgingly includes himself in this category with his stories).

Overall. Bravo!
3/26/2013 c2 9Cool 'Snowman' Joe
Thanks for the index! I need to learn some Japanese in case I ever go to Japan. :D
11/3/2012 c12 7bestrclfanficshere
Well, someone has strong feelings about this...thanks for leaving your comment...Guest.
10/31/2012 c1 Guest
This story was just s/h/i/t... this is not a Ryu/Chun Li story... far from it... you haven't done anything since 2009 and I hope it stays that way
8/18/2012 c29 Guest
Ken was wrong at the end actually Gouki has 3 becouse he killed Ryus Mother, Father and sensei
8/28/2009 c31 The Spinning Bird
I absolutely loved this story from start to finish. Although there were flaws in Ryu's fear of hurting Chun-Li and Chun-Li's desires,I loved the fact that they were more human and the fact they managed to learn from their mistakes in order to get what they truly deserved.
7/27/2009 c5 bestrclfanficshere
I guess you can't please everyone.

People seem to be of the persuasion that feelings have to be justified. I personally don't ascribe to this theory.

People make poor decisions when they are hurt or afraid, but I don't think that's enough grounds to vilify them.
7/27/2009 c20 unknown
wow... i really like this story until chun-li slept with guile. it made her seem like a heartless whore. the man she "loves" leaves her because he fears he will hurt her then in a battle with his and her greatest enemies he is seriously wounded and loses his memory. then when hes recovering from all of this trauma. she goes and sleeps around because he wont make a move on her. HE CANT EVEN REMEMBER HER! AND SHES PISSED CAUSE HE WONT FUCK HER! it just sort of makes me sick.
6/19/2009 c20 ALD
I love this story, I really do, but is it just me or does anyone else thing that blaming Ryu is just WRONG? The man has no memory and people just seem to forget that fact. What Chun Li did was wrong to sleep with another guy when she should be helping Ryu get his memory back and Ken's girlfriend gave stupid advice as well.Other than that, I love the pairing and love this story. Situations like that though, where the guy is always to blame in a relationship just irk me. And yes, I am female.
5/5/2009 c31 Nina
Yay! I'm happy it was such a good ending gor all of the characters. Wow! I've enjoyed your story so much these past few weeks. You're such an incredible writer. I can't believe it's over! You should continue to write more Street Fighter fanfictions like a sequel about the couples' lives married or even another soryline altogether. But if not, I just wanted to tahnk you for publishing this one for us readers to enjoy. I just can't believe it's over. lol
5/4/2009 c4 bestrclfanficshere
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

To clarify, my intention was to convey that Chun Li slept with Guile because she really wanted to be able to have feelings for him as he was so good to her. The motivation was not to make Ryu jealous, she hoped that maybe what she needed was right in front of her all along. Unfortunately her initial impressions were right and that's why I called chapter 24 New Territory. Guile has to find a new meaning in his life first because he is no longer required to avenge Nash (he is essentially out of a job) and second because he has to give up on the idea that he could ever have Chun Li, so in a way, your description of a goodbye is the perfect summary of what their tryst was. A first and last time only.

And I must admit, Ken was a lot of fun to write. I almost wish I didn't have to end the fic just so I could make him say more hilarious things but I really wanted to publish the wedding.

Thanks for reading and dropping the comment! I'm very glad you enjoyed it and I'll take suggestions for the next street fighter fic. :D
5/4/2009 c31 8ZZeronorth
Simply beautiful. That is the only word to describe this piece of work. I sincerely regret this has to come to an end but of course that is the general rule of all good things.

I would've hoped Chun-Li and Guile's sex scene had presented itself as more of a goodbye more so than just that of making Ryu jealous. No matter.

Ken was definitely what kept this story in good graces. Without him, this story would've been good or just mediocre. Everything from the punch-lines to his overall love doctor swagger was sublime.

Thank you so much for writing this and I hope any future projects are a plus for you, my friend.

Take care!
5/3/2009 c21 7bestrclfanficshere
Thanks again! It's in the home stretch now as there are only a few more chapters left in this storyline. The ending was the most fun for me. I hope you find it the same!
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