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for Anima Animus: A Ryu and Chun Li fanfic

5/3/2009 c24 Nina
Wow! I stopped checking for updates over the weekend because I'm out of town and now I'm back and there's so many new chapters. I just love your fanfic and continue with the updates please.
5/3/2009 c20 7bestrclfanficshere
Thanks for writing. I really like that so many people have these varied responses to my story, which is why I am curious what the male / female breakdown is and if there is any correlation to the response. I made a forum for this, if people would be so kind to leave a note.

I realize a lot of people will be upset with me for deviating from the idealized nature of the characters, but I wanted to write a story that was more realistic and it simply isn't possible for Ryu and Chun Li to be so perfect given their history. Ryu was orphaned and Chun Li lost her father and there is no mention of a mother. Real human beings are annoying, weak and immature, especially under stress and it was the more human side of the pair that I wanted to explore. This story is not for the reader who needs to keep Ryu and Chun Li as idealized archetypes. It is for the reader who is interested in what Chun Li and Ryu might be like if they were to exist in reality. They're definitely not as cool, what with being flawed and no longer being invincible, but again, that is the point of the fic, to go past the idealized facade and appreciate the multiple facets a character as a whole with strengths and weaknesses alike.

Oh, and King, don't worry. I haven't forgotten about Guile and (I prefer the Japanese version name) Julia. Not to spoil things, but I kept that particular part of street fighter canon in mind. It just hasn't come out (yet).

Thanks for dropping your opinion and I hope that eventually you do like how the story turns out (annoying flaws and all). :)
5/3/2009 c20 King
first off i would like to say that your story is very enticing, so keep up the good work. However, there are many flaws to the storyline which are bothering me. for one guile is already married to jane and has a kid named amy so guile could never loved chun li. you could have replaced him with fei long but thats my opinion. Secondly Ryu is not the Ryu i know. Ryu would first of all never kill anyone like he did to vega. also even though he has amnesia, he would never jump on chun-li like that as his main goal in life is bettering himself and he has an enormous amount of self control. Also when you made him mad at chun li for sleeping with guile, he would not forgive her that easily when he saw her training. in fact he would most likely seclude himself in his training. Also i don't like the fact that chun-li is a stuck up bitch. If she really cared about or loved Ryu, she would never sleep with Guile no matter what. Ryu lost his memory for god sakes. And also Chun-li does not stand a chance against Ryu in a fight. He would pummel the living crap out of her without a second thought. But do not think that i don't like the story. your a pretty accomplished writer so i just saying these comments just let you know how i think but the rest is up to you.
5/2/2009 c19 bestrclfanficshere
This is why I love it when people leave comments.

Actually what you're describing is exactly what you're supposed to feel. The title of my story derives from the Jungian Psychoanalytic principle of what is called the Night Journey - the path to individuation. (In case you hadn't guessed, I'm a psychiatrist.) The way to greater understanding of one's self and unconscious motives involves three steps. The first is removal of the mask, the second is confrontation of the shadow, the third is the anima/animus stage. The third stage refers to the tendency of people to idealize their male or female partner into archetypes that are not realistic. These archetypes are the anima/animus, male and female respectively. Only by realizing that this idealization is a fantasy can the person become more self aware and thus be able to more successfully pursue interpersonal relationships. The flaws that you are seeing in Ryu and Chun Li that you find so irksome - the ambivalence, the selfishness - are exactly that. They show the true flawed character of human nature. And yes, rationally their behavior does not make sense but they are not acting out of reason, but on a more primitive emotional level, so given their histories it does make sense. That's the beauty of human behavior - it's completely unpredictable and paradoxical and rarely if ever black and white. Which is why I love the fact that you feel such emotions in response to the story. It's a sign that I am doing my job (pats self on back). If all the readers felt was satisfaction, it's not a complicated enough story. Your comment was a huge compliment and I am very glad that you took the time to leave it. ^ ^
5/2/2009 c19 titan
First, i have to say i liked your story from the beginning. I even thought that having guile and chun li sleep with each other is a nice twist. Up to that point i could actually understand the point of view of each single character very well.

But right know i don´t understand ryu and i´m really starting to hate chun li. She is acting like selfish bitch. Everything revoles about HER feelings, how hurt she is. She doesn´t show even the slightest bit of understanding for ryus situation.

Yeah, i understand that she is hurting from how ryu is acting around her and totally rightful so. But come on! Give the man a break. Aside from the fact that this is indeed the first time for him to feel anything like that for anybody he was about to loose controll of himself. He nearly strangled the woman he loves for gods sake! That would do a number on any man. And than he looses his memory. Hello? What does chun li expect from somebody who wouldn´t recognize himself on a photograph? She seems not to have even the slightest idea who confusing it is not to remember anything at all. And top of that she seems to feel no remorse for sleeping wih giule. She regrets hurting giules feelings, yes. But when ryu tells her that he knows she gets angry? She beats him up, tells him basicly that he has actually no right to feel hurt and has the guts to ask him about why he can´t be up front with her? He has no memorygod damn it and when he avoided her she didn´t try to talk to him about it. She tried to make him jealous. So much for being up front about that matter yourself.

Which leads me to last scene of this chapter. She tries to him beat him up, he is yelled at and yet just when it gets to point where he gets angry and why he feels betrayed he gets aroused? Sorry, i can´t follow that. When he watched them at it, i could still understand it, in a weird way. A combination of feeling betrayed but because of the amnesia having trouble understanding why while watching something very erotic. But now? Feeling angry, betrayed AND excited? Sorry, that´s clear NO for me especially after she treated like ryu that. Chun li seriously crossed a line and as a consequense i don´t see how ryu is supposed to have too many positiv feelings towards her or at least enough attraction to get his "best friend" to work.

Well, that being said i also have to admit that i´m still very curious about the story will go on. Luckily, you do update pretty quick.;)
4/30/2009 c19 nimb09
it keep on getting better and better
4/30/2009 c2 bestrclfanficshere
I'm very flattered by your compliment. I guess the english only version can be helpful as a first pass and then the Japanese version can be read after. I dislike the parenthesis thing only because it breaks up the continuity of the dialogue, but I can appreciate on a computer screen how it becomes difficult. I guess I just assumed everyone was as big an Anime and Kurosawa fan as I was and picked up a little Japanese. Gomen-ne! (sorry!) :). One of the things I hate most is watching foreign films dubbed in English and I guess this was my way of trying to avoid that feeling, by keeping a little of the Japanese in. Thanks for bearing with me though ^_^

Thanks for leaving comments, everyone. It's been fun writing the story and hearing your feedback! New chapters are coming as we speak
4/30/2009 c18 bb
Hey I just wanted to say keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more chapters, I really think you captured Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li perfectly throughout most of the story so far.

This was one of the first SF fics I read and it sort of got me hooked, as I've now read every one of them on this site as well as another archive. Out of the thousand or so fics I've read this one is definitely in the top ten.

regarding your second fic of an english version, i've seen many authors who include other languages in their fics just add the english translation right after it in parentheses, eg:

“Genki (fine),” Ryu replied. “Konichiwa, Eliza-chan (good day, Eliza),” he said, bowing in her direction.

I personally like seeing the japanese/mandarin embedded in the text, but having to scroll to the bottom to get the translation tends to make me lose my place in the fic
4/29/2009 c18 Nina
Yay finally Ryu/Chunli interaction again. Great update by the way! Can't wait for the next one.
4/26/2009 c17 bestrclfanficshere
I could write another streefighter story, but the four in this one happened to be my favorite. I could take requests though. Which did you want to hear more of?
4/26/2009 c17 Nina
Two updates in two days! whoo! Lovely writing and continuity from the previous update once again. It seems to me that Ryu is slowly getting his memory back but not quite yet. lol. Geese I love your Ken. Due to you, I'm playing him in SF IV more. All I can say is just CONTINUE UPDATING! Oh, one more thing, you said in your profile that your next writing project will be Samurai Showdown, any chance you'll wirte more Street Fighter fanfictions in the future?
4/25/2009 c16 Nina
Wow, great update. I feel bad for all of them really. Guile because of the unrequited love by Chun Li; Chun Li because she had to resort to desparate measures to fulfill "needs"; and Ryu for witnessing all of it. I'm really anticipating what you have in store with the rest of this fanfiction (and for the two titled characters). Keep up the good writing!
4/24/2009 c1 nimb
this is one of my fav story ever plea cont.
4/22/2009 c1 bestrclfanficshere
Glad you are enjoying it. Actually I think the ending will be the most fun as there will be a lot of people popping up. Ryu is my favourite but I am really starting to like Ken as well. His character is an extrapolation of his finger taunt, which I use all the time when I play the game (even though given my sucky skill level it is not ever warranted)
4/21/2009 c15 Nina
Gosh this story gets better and better. Although I'm not much of a Street Fighter expert (got into it again just recently with the new game), I just love how you wrote each character. Even though Ryu is my favorite character in the game, your Ken is so funny! lol!
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