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for Anima Animus: A Ryu and Chun Li fanfic

4/21/2009 c14 ReiChiba
heeheehee! i love this story. the dailogue and writing is great and flowy. write more plz and fast too!
4/13/2009 c1 Nina
This is one of the most enjoyable street fighter, and ryu/chunli, fics I've come across. I really like your writing especially the select Japanese that is incorporated into the dialogue/paragraphs. Keep it up! Thanks.
4/13/2009 c12 Reese
Great update, Please continued!
3/26/2009 c10 7bestrclfanficshere
Hey all, just wanted to say thanks for the comments and I was really intrigued by the most recent one. Does anyone else feel that way when they read this?

So general poll, would you prefer longer chapters and less frequent updates or shorter chapters and more regular updates?

And as for the flashbacks, my reasoning behind having them there is that there is a psychological basis for how all humans act and the characters' pasts reveal why their behavior follows certain themes into their adulthood. I want this story to be fun to read, but I also want the characters to have an incredible amount of depth to them and be extremely realistic in terms of their personality and personality pathology.

For example, the flashback about Chun Li's past gives an explanation to the reason why she is only capable of being attracted to a certain type of person. And Ryu's past explains why he behaves so erratically around Chun Li.

It's easy to create characters in a vacuum but I find that this approach leads to many inconsistencies in how they act and therefor reduce their credibility.

I think the fact that the story actually flows comes in part only because of the "slower" passages, but I really do believe that it makes for a more believable story. Lots of action and fast paced chapters are nice, but it doesn't necessarily mimic real life.

Thought it might help for you to know my motivations.

Please keep commenting, I am thoroughly enjoying your reviews! The last one was definitely interesting and provocative to me (provocative as in thought-provoking).

Thanks Master Pein! And to everyone else who was kind enough to drop a line!
3/26/2009 c10 Master Pein
well the story is progressing nicely, but the length of the chapters are too short which makes most of the readers anxious. though I understand your reasoning of it being too much work, I personally think you can atleast try and lengthen the chapter. As for the flashback, cut them in pieces or shorten them. If the flashbacks are going to be long then the chapter itself should be long as well.

Well the story line is great and you're doing a great job so keep it up. If you don't agree with what I said then ignore it because it's your story and your the author.

So peace up and update soon.
3/24/2009 c9 1Dragoon Spirit
I really enjoyed reading your story. I was impressed with the way you portrayed Ryu. So much so that I actually logged in to review. I did noticed a couple of typos, but they were easily overlooked, and I only noticed because I'm a grammar Nazi. Please keep up the good work...and Chun Li was always my favorite Street Fighter too.
3/24/2009 c9 Master Pein
I really like this story wich makes me wonder why people don't write more of these kind of stories. anyways even if you don't get much reviews I would really appreciate it if you continued this fic. so update soon and keep up the good work ...now that sounded corny but it is true nontheless
3/23/2009 c9 unluckypongo
hey great job with the story its the reason why i made an account. i really enjoy reading this and i hope you continue writing it.
3/19/2009 c2 TheMexicanDetective
the end of the chapter made me laugh. keep it up.
3/19/2009 c1 TheMexicanDetective
awesome I liked it. are you going to continue?
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