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8/2/2011 c15 3Jazzy Girl kataanglover
good story
3/29/2011 c15 kirara the great
1/28/2011 c15 2aslan333
what the heck? i did not understand this story one bit
9/19/2010 c15 1TempduMinuit
that was really pretty
12/23/2009 c7 4Attack 224
lol DN Angel in the first chapter :D

ur story plot's pretty good i must say. Keep up the good work
12/19/2009 c15 8RozaHathoway
:o! cool!
7/12/2009 c15 191Luiz4200
Are Danny and Sam ghosts for good? How are Danny's family and friends coping with it? What will they tell Sam's parents?
7/8/2009 c15 youdon'tknow
I just got through reading this whole story and I like your idea of Danny/Dan'el being a full ghost the whole time (even if he didn't know it himself at first). How did Clockwork turn him into a human in the first place (master of time or not it's still confusing)? Boy won't all the ghost who tried to destroy him as Danny Phantom gonna be scared when they find out they tried to destroy the "lord of darkness & light".

Clockwork lesson to him when Dan'el was human/halfa seems bitter sweet. I mean what was the point of all that if he was gonna forget most of his human/halfa life? To me Dan'el seems a little cruel (not evil) to his subjects. Also how can he act like over 14 years of being a human/halfa means nothing to him (except for being in love with Sam maybe)?

I would like to see your side stories to this. The story about Magnolia I'm unsure of, but her time in this story was so sort why not. I don't know about you, but I think this story needs a sequel (after your done with your other stuff of course) especially since Dan'el life is back to the way it was before he became human/halfa (come on there's no way that being human/halfa for over 14 years didn't change him a little).
7/8/2009 c15 1Animekitty47
Ah, good your going into more detail with other stories! There are so many characters you introduced that it didn't seem like we got to really know most of them...

Congrats on finishing, even if you aren't done with this world yet. ;)
7/5/2009 c13 191Luiz4200
Please update. Ghost Tamer is indeed a right way to describe Sam.
7/2/2009 c13 20Anthiena
Interesting. I wonder what the Hematite rings will do to a human. According to folk lore, hematite is good to carry in a legal matter.
7/2/2009 c13 1Animekitty47
lol She's a cuttlefish? XD Yay, three more chappies! Hmm does that mean this is going to be over soon?
6/30/2009 c10 TexasDreamer01
hmm... interesting. it would be helpful, though, if we had some background information to work with. what are all the triads? why the fear over the restored eye color?

6/30/2009 c10 Animekitty47
Dunno what to say other than interesting and nice job. :P
6/18/2009 c8 Animekitty47
Nice poem! XD Nice job with this chappie! :D
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