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for Sweet Victory

8/9/2019 c1 507Buckhunter
He fell off?
3/24/2009 c1 3Piratess-Bell
WHoA! That was so cool, Gypsy! I loved it! I love the idea that Fitzy becomes the new Lord after Beckett, and I love the use of Diego and Carolina and Jean and Gibbs (omg! I love Gibbs!) And memories of Arabella (gosh, girl, you know how to describe.) Oh it was just so good. You really should read it! Lol.


(any chance you'd like to write another songfic...

'cause that was fantastic!)
3/19/2009 c1 4Oceangoddess
I LOVE THIS SONG! I couldn't find any spelling errors or anything. OMG DIEGO! Oh that's so sad, he's working for Fitzy. OH but it's happy cause he's married to Carolina...but then it gets sad again cause she's sick... oh my gosh even JEAN is working for Fitzy? How on earth did that happen? I hope Jack wins the fight! In my mind that is what will happen :D
3/19/2009 c1 ILP0420
HELL YEAH, HE RULES! Haha, sorry... I just had to get that out... :)

... And WHY DON'T YOU FLIPPIN' WRITE MORE! Your so darn good at it! :D Dang, it was so good I was smiling all the way through it... and it had nothing to do with that nice jam sandwich I just had...

Aw... I wish they wouldn't fight... Yeah, I know, I know; I always make them fight meself, but it's a bad habit! :) Wow... is it just me or does that sentance make no sense whatsoever?

Ugh... the jam's getting to my head...

Please please please write more songfics! I love readin' 'em... and it's fun to sing along if I know the song!

Great story! I want more! Ugh... why do one-shots have to end? I wish this was a two-shot... or a thirty-shot... :) Anyways, I gotta go! I loved it... and I have no criticism!


P.S; Oh... and I'm writing My Name is Jack right now! Just a random piece of information! ;) Wow... I ramble WAY too much! Haha!

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