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for Confessions of a Not So Teenaged Nanny

5/24/2010 c12 2MCHS2015
OMG... that is a cliffhanger can u please hurry and write the next chapter! i eill forever be at ur dept please please i love this story
5/22/2010 c3 Forever and Always-Elizabeth
rly awsome chapter ! onley if my nanny was like that*tear* but i cant wait to read more!
5/21/2010 c1 Butterflies-LastForever
5/13/2010 c2 mommy2laylani
I started reading your story last night, and absolutely fell in love. I love it so much...cant wiat for the next chapter
5/12/2010 c11 Hope Edwards
oh i so love this story i so cant wait to read more

he called her mommy i nearly cried when i read that
4/24/2010 c12 michangelina
so I get all into this story.. and then.. nothing.. Are you going to update anytime soon.. I certainly hope so cause its excellent..
4/24/2010 c12 Ltju
Love your story! =D

And about your teaser.

Edward will realize that he can't live without her xD Or he is firing her because he can't pay her anymore because he's so in love with him.. =D But I don't think that's it.. ;)

Really like your story and I understand that you don't have much time. I do hope that you update soon!

Keep up the good work.

4/12/2010 c11 11brittany08forever
sorry about the review on the last page, I didnt read the authors note until after I had already reviewed it. I love this story, so when you get the chance pls update. I think it is so cute how ant called bells mommy
4/12/2010 c12 brittany08forever
please update
4/6/2010 c11 Jadey
Please update soon, I really want to know where this story's going! It's by far one of my favourites! :)

4/5/2010 c12 VampBookWorm
OMG! amazing! more more more! :D
4/4/2010 c12
4/1/2010 c12 dontsayiquit
cant wait for the next chapter!
3/28/2010 c12 2Edward-Anthony-LoveR
wow major cliff hanger... i really like this story... i hope you update soon... can't wait to see what happens next...
3/26/2010 c11 1pottergirl1717

WOW this story is awesome! the plot is really totally on edge just waiting for the rest of the story. i dont really want to sound rude and whiny but im really hoping that ull post the rest of it soon. its so good. i know we all have rl to deal with but stories like these just take my mind off of it...they really make my day. so not 2 be pushy but um...please hurry?

keep it up!
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