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3/29/2009 c2 omnomsoup
Well written so far. ;)
3/29/2009 c2 nichole
this is such a GREAT story! please update really really really really soon!
3/28/2009 c2 Jhanell
I love this story. I want to see what happens on bella's first day at work!
3/28/2009 c2 Tia Marie Swan
awesome story so far cant wait for the next chapter
3/28/2009 c2 1iloveeverythingyou
update soon :)
3/28/2009 c1 iloveeverythingyou
love it! great start! :)
3/28/2009 c2 25A Cullen Wannabe
this is grest!
3/28/2009 c1 A Cullen Wannabe
Awe...I love it already! Great concept and great descriptions~
3/27/2009 c1 ibetagainstalice
How old is Edward?
3/27/2009 c2 4Kerry Hale
Such a great chapter. I loved that fact the girls forgot about dinner and it caught on fire. Love it. and Love the small world waiting to read more
3/27/2009 c2 5edwardrocksmysocks
Awesome beginning! I'm already hooked just from these two chapters. I'm really looking forward to reading more!
3/27/2009 c2 daffy410
Love your story. Can't wait to read the rest of it.
3/27/2009 c2 UpYourCupcake
LOL it is a small world, gotta love Jasper taking on a big brother roll to Bella, that's very sweet =)

Ahh and ya gotta love Emmetts brute ways lol. My fav part..

“You mean to tell me you haven’t hit that yet?” Emmett exclaimed, shocked. “Dude! What the fuck is stopping you? Take her into your office and give her the naughty dance!”


I loved the drunk Alice & Bella bonding.

I can't wait for the next chapter, to see how Bella's first official meet with Edward goes.
3/27/2009 c2 ffinactive
ohh god...or shall i say oh edward, this if fuc king amazing! i absolutely adore this story.

update ;) (do i get a preview? hehe)
3/26/2009 c1 3AVAgrl
O...what happens next? Write the next chapter soon or I'll...write a strongly worded review telling how amazing Bella and Edward are and how they should get together in this story soon or...I'll put your banana in my blender! Well...I need to get a blender first...but you get my point!

Please update soon
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