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for Confessions of a Not So Teenaged Nanny

2/5/2010 c11 rkdk19
really great story so far, hope you update soon!
2/2/2010 c11 1gossip-bangkok
thank you! :) I really like it

I hope that you'll update soon!

Looking forward to more
2/1/2010 c11 1ArieCullen
I really hope you continue with this stroy it is really something great. Your an incredible writer.
1/31/2010 c11 OnceAWildcatAlwaysAWildcat
1/31/2010 c1 willistongirl
Please update soon! I miss this story...
1/30/2010 c11 SillyGranade

you awesome taste in music and you writing is so intriguing its like I cant look away .

its so worth the wait

and when ants shouted "MOMMY" i about died it was so sweet.

..gosh I'm sucker for romance {hitsheadwithfryingpan}
1/29/2010 c10 daisy-aid
love the story
1/29/2010 c11 daisy-aid
aww poor wee tony jst wants a mum love the story
1/28/2010 c1 1breanna1027927
that was really good i am excited to read more
1/26/2010 c11 dears7
I just read this whole story in one day, it's so great! I can't wait to see what happens next and although drowning is not a good thing, the whole thing with Emmett and Ants was really cute! I can't wait to read more, write soon please! Thanks :)
1/25/2010 c11 twilightmom1
Awe, Anthony called her mommy. That is soo sweet.
1/25/2010 c4 twilightmom1
Well seems like Mr. Edward is a little uptight.
1/25/2010 c1 twilightmom1
This sounds like it is gonna be interesting...
1/24/2010 c3 tricomi
I don't remember when I laughed so much! Dr. Tony and his assistant Dr. Cootie-butt were priceless.
1/23/2010 c11 Ms. Elizabeth

good story!

love it!

very good chapther! you write very good!

ants is so cute3

can't wait for the next chapther!

pleas update soon!
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