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6/13/2018 c4 4Handles14
THANK YOU for writing this! This was the resolution that I needed from this episode (season)!
4/17/2015 c4 Sallyannerenee
Thanks so much for this. I too thought they denied us the h/c that we deserved at the end of this episode. Sam was sitting vigil, obviously upset, but that's all. This fills the holes nicely. Love the sap, by the way.
11/10/2009 c4 34bhoney
Loved this final chapter.

Loved this image of Sam and his protectivness and love for his brother: "That he would protect him as valiantly as Dean had always protected him. Would avenge wrongs against him as doggedly as their Dad had sought their mom’s murderer."

And this was great: "“Dean, I’m on your side,” he declared, his conviction and his anguish coiled in the words. “The only side I’m on is yours."" I SO would kill to hear the boys have a conversation like this right now.

"“Like I told you, I tried to get the gate open to get you out. Had to plan what I would do if I succeeded.” “And what was that?” “Come in and get you,”" *sigh* Yeah, I SO wanted to see that happen! And great point about John. I'd always assumed that some of the things he did in pursuit of Mary's killed excluded him from the righteous man category, but they never did definitely say on the show, did they?

“Dean, you practically got detention everyday you went to school. You think I would believe that you would keep your smart mouth shut in Hell?” LOL

“You’re not getting rid of me, Dean. We’re in this together. And trust me,” he drawled, pulling on a smile, “if I wanted to leave you, I wouldn’t have sat in this crappy chair for two days straight.” Aw...loved that Sam's refusing to leave. I wish he'd do that sometimes on the show. Instead, he leaves every time you turn around. It has to give Dean a complex.

I really, really hope you're going to write some more SPN fic for us soon, Cheryl. I know you said you're "issues based," but if you need Winchester issues to address in fic, I've got a slew of them that need addressing, LOL. I'm completely addicted to your writing of the brothers, and I may go through withdrawal if you don't post something new for us soon. ;) After all, the holidays are coming up. What better gift to give than the gift of fic? *insert Sam's puppy eyes*
11/9/2009 c3 bhoney
"“It doesn’t matter to me what you did to Alistair, what Alistair did to you, what you did in Hell. None of that matters to me, Dean,” he assured, knew that it was the truth. There was nothing he wouldn’t forgive Dean for…unless he left him again. Everything else, anything else they could weather through." I'd have loved to see the show take some time to deal with Dean's discovery that he set everything in motion, and that he hadn't told Sam and/or Bobby off-screen. I'd really have liked to hear Sam say something like this to him.
11/9/2009 c2 bhoney
Nice outsider POV look at the boys here. And nice writing. Very deep in places.
11/8/2009 c1 bhoney
I have been pretty actively avoiding S4 and S5 fics, cuz the show had me so depressed last season, and the boys still aren't quite back to where I'd like, though they're doing much better. But my curiosity got the best of me when I saw you'd posted this. I think that, knowing what I do of your work, and the way you focus on the boys' love for each other, it'll be one of the few S4 fics I'd like.

So far, I'm enjoying it. I especially liked this: "You’re not leaving me again. I’m not going to let you.” Raising his hand, he laid it on Dean’s check, swallowed down his sob. “So stop screwing around, stop trying to die on me again. I won’t survive that, Dean. I won’t. So you get that through your head. You die and you’re going to be taking me with you. We’re brothers, Dean. We’re family and our family has lost enough, we’re not losing again. You hear me, we aren’t losing again, Dean. I’m not losing you and you’re not pushing me away.” Aw...*sniffle* I love when Sam's all determined to keep Dean with him. Nice!
9/10/2009 c4 13TheKritty
I loved this story!

This episode was SO damn hard to watch! Not because of the hurt!Dean, but because there was no Sam-and-Dean scene in the hospital. Well, there was, but not really. Not like in the earlier seasons, 'Faith' or so. It broke my heart and I was so longing for scenes like the ones in your story. So I was really glad that there was brotherly love in this one. It's not out of character 'cause I think that despite all their issues an suspense in season 4, they still loved it other, right? And if there would have been a Sam-and-Dean scene in the hospital like in your story, it would have been like the ones in this story. Maybe not as sappy but well...it's fanfiction *lol* And I liked the sappieness :):):)

I also liked your thoughts on the whole Daddy Winchester -thingy. Man, I was thinking about John and hell and relevations and apokalypse and AHBL2 the day I watched AHOAP...I was going crazy, because the whole topic is so big and my head hurts when I begin to think about John and Dean and a breaking soul again *lol* But I agree with you - you're right, John walked free and that's supposed to mean that he wasn't on a ragg *lol*

Anyway : Love this story!

I had tears in my eyes at so many moments!

4/13/2009 c4 all done
very good! Wish we could have seen this!
4/8/2009 c4 zuimar
Wow, great ending to this awesome fic! It was a really good read, I'm so glad with the bonding between the brothers in this story. I really hope Kripke will restore the bond between Sam and Dean early in season 5, I really don't like the mistrust and the lies of this season.
4/5/2009 c4 5Singing Wolf
Wonderful ending to this tag! I love how you portray the boys. And thank you for giving an explanation for why Allistair said what he did about Saint John that didn't involve him being so bloody perfect.

I can't wait to see what you write next! If only the show would pick up some of these themes...
4/4/2009 c4 1Brenny
OMG that was what i needed! Thank you so much! I'm still kinda speachless sorry, i'm so touched!
4/4/2009 c4 11Rei6
That was awesome. *sighs* And exactly what I needed after this episode. ;)

I have to admit I´m a huge fan of the whole Dean & Cas-interaction and I love how Castiel seems to be so devoted to Dean and even protective in a way - but it was a nice turn to read a tag to "Head of the pin" with more Dean/Sam-interaction. And just like you I wished for more comfort after they hurt Dean so bad. So thanks a lot for writing this lovely tag.

Since the brothers seem to be closer again during the last two episodes as they were before "Head of the pin" I can totally imagine this happening, btw.

And forgive me for hoping you´re going to write more season 4-fics and probably some with Cas. Protective!Sam AND protective!Cas and hurt!angsty!Dean would be just too good. ;)
3/30/2009 c4 10piquitv
well, thanks so much for this story, great ending :)
3/30/2009 c4 12achillies-eel
Aw, that was so sweet! Gosh, I love it!

As much as I love Cas, I have to say that it was rather cruel to dump that 'you are the only one who can save us' crap on Dean when he was still recovering. I mean, way to kill a man's will to live, no?

I like that Sammy was able to reassure Dean. And I really, really like Jason. :D Anyone who's nice to our boys gets points in my book. :D

Loved it! Hope to see more soon!
3/29/2009 c4 pandora jazz
Wonderful story and so needed for all us that are fans of the show. The supernatural, the urban legends, even the current end of the world, that is not why we have watched the show for four years, it has always been about the brothers and their bond, their fight, being together and currently watching them in the same scene but so far apart has been painful. So thank you for the wonderful tag.

You had some great lines in this story. One was Sam's thought, 'to not just be hunting partners, but brothers again. Brothers who stood at each others side, even when the apocalypse was bearing down on them at 100 mph.'

Than I had to smile when Sam complained about Castiel, "you got a trip out of Hell, you got your own personal Angel..though clearly he’s a piss poor Guardian Angel,” he growled, his anger resurfacing at Cas’s culpability in Dean almost getting killed, in being hurt, in laying in the hospital bed right now.'

I don't see either brother accepting who is not to blame anytime soon, so this line is very true. "I’ll accept that as soon as you accept it’s not your fault.” Dean’s eyes shied away and Sam knew they were at an impasse. Both too stubborn, felt too culpable to dislodge the guilt they felt.'

I liked your thoughts about John. I've always wondered how he just walked out and now after listening to Alistair, just makes us all have more questions.

I loved that Sam was there for Dean and listened to him. Nice to see a little of big brother Dean at the end, worried about Sam and how he looked tired.

Wonderful quiet ending as Jason stopped by to see the brothers. If we hadn't just met another angel in episode 4/17, I was waiting for you to throw us a surprise and have Jason be an angel checking on the brothers. (also glad that Sam remembered to remove the chair from the door)

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Anytime you want to help the brothers, you can share your thoughts with us. You do such an awesome job of writing the brothers and even if everything is still not fixed, at least the brothers are on the right track again.

Thanks and until next time, take care.
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