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9/11/2009 c22 2tattygal95
i love ur story. its fantastic. i admit i had doughts whilst reading the summary but it turned out great. update soon please
9/11/2009 c22 3JustForLols
this is cool. please update soon
9/11/2009 c22 Cannygrl
More, i need more!
9/11/2009 c22 Ms Rebecca Cullen
hey good chapter. who is the celebrity is it sum1 bella knows. anyway plz update soon.


9/10/2009 c22 TwiLight.Addictionn
Hey, i like the way you added new moon into the story ic nt wait till ti comes out im seeing it a day before it comes out to everyone so excited
9/10/2009 c22 7Adri1577
The chapter is really good. I liked the scene with Tanya and the way Edward and Bella interacted later.

Well done!
9/10/2009 c22 sexyNaNa25
I love this story
9/10/2009 c22 asf134
luved it! MORE!
9/10/2009 c22 4Eternally-Mine
lol... that was funny em and rose... then alice and jasper...lololol

post more SOON please
9/10/2009 c22 19Buttterr
i love it! i was laughing so hard when rose screamed! ha ha ha! thats funny! please update soon!
9/10/2009 c22 3steflynno
i think it was a great chapter. can't wait to see who the celebrity will be.
9/10/2009 c22 4HufflepuffHeiress
tehe i pressed the green button :D the chapter is so not lame can't wait for the next one! ;D
9/10/2009 c22 Mini-ish
That was really good and update soon!
9/10/2009 c22 2Sarah-Pattinson
Hey great chapter! Its was not lame!

Please write more to this story and Fallen angel!

9/10/2009 c22 3lozzy035
love shak is such a funny song lol

cant wait to hear what songs there doing

i so cant wait for new moon lol

update soon
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