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5/6/2010 c2 maggiejoma
hopefully all will be well...:)
5/5/2010 c1 maggiejoma
love the fact that Bella has a car that turns heads... she's not as shy as most characterisations of her...:)
5/5/2010 c3 4CleopatraLove
i love love love this! please update soon. :)
5/5/2010 c3 What Obsession17
Love Bella's great explanation of how to eat steak, i totally snorted :). Still love her dissing Edward, i would love to have seen his face when she made him eat her dust :)
5/5/2010 c3 7RawrMeansILoveYouInDino

Lots of Love,

5/5/2010 c3 5Shyrazie
it is a kewl beans chapter! @}-
5/5/2010 c3 sasukeuchiha77777
very very cute. :) update soon , this is great .
5/5/2010 c3 VampairePrincess
5/5/2010 c3 3lozzy035
wow edward seriously thought she was going out with him after how shes seen him with different girls
ha tanya lauren and jessica lost the only thing that was going to help them
so bellas heard edward sing with out knowing it was him then
update soon
5/5/2010 c3 3Fiyaaa
Loved it x
5/5/2010 c3 11brittany08forever
love it so cute, i am so hoping edward changes his ways
5/5/2010 c3 4ziksupanaturalminx
5/5/2010 c3 1The Fallen Angel 13
love it can't wait for you to finish it
5/5/2010 c3 Vamp4475
its more funny that's for sure, PLEASE WRITE MORE SOON~
4/27/2010 c23 7Peaceandunity
Story ok. it could use a little rewriting. not alot though
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