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for Falling In Love, Falling Apart

12/8/2013 c7 Guest
I quite liked this! And I agree with you, Ginny is only human, feeling attracted to someone while you're still in a relationship is perfectly normal. She wouldn't have cheated, but showing some interest would be inevitable... So, everybody, just be cool
3/7/2012 c7 276Satan Abraham
I frikking love Michael x Ginny. :) This is amazing.
4/30/2011 c2 16Principi Phantasia
Oooh flirty Ginny

Organized thoughts of Mike's, just like any Ravenclaw :D

Heheh nervous Mikey reminds me of Neville :P

What is 'the third task'?

Hmm can't wait to see how it is from Ginny's POV :P

Awesome job :)
4/30/2011 c1 Principi Phantasia
Heheh cute chapter! :)

You kept Ginny and Neville in character heheh

Ginny with her nice-ness and her bravery, Neville also with his understanding and uncomfortableness in his quiet way tee hee

Interesting take on Michael, being goofily stuck up when he clearly isn't in any position to be so! XP

Interesting interaction on the both of them, and I'm interested to see how their relationship develop! XP
9/13/2010 c7 1SubeeTech
A year too late, but here's a review! I really loved this fic, both characters were written quite realistically and I can see this really being exactly what went on between them in the books. I find it quite funny that that was pretty much exactly how my first relationship went, except for the last chapter. Oh and no one died either. Haha.
7/27/2010 c7 598yellow 14
I think you've written them really well, with a nice build up of Ginny and Dean and the inevitable decline as well. True, niether of them are saints exactly and to be fair, they're still growing up. (Especially as they're teenagers.) Keep writing
7/2/2010 c7 21echoing noise
this was great; I thought you wrote it really well, and I agree with your thoughts on dean. i also don't think ginny would ever cheat.
6/22/2010 c2 4insert meaningful phrase here
Terry's awesome, isn't he. I think it's funny, Micheal's awkwardness when he's trying to ask Ginny out. It's quite a contrast to the more suave character in the first chapter, from Ginny's point of view.
6/22/2010 c1 insert meaningful phrase here
I like it, especially the contrast between Neville and Michael. I thought it was kind of amusing when Ginny's trying to convince herself that Michael isn't a replacement Harry.
1/22/2010 c3 Shot Down in Dark
Really great fanfic. Congratulations!
9/29/2009 c7 4RIPFRED
I almost didnt read this story because I didn't care to much for Ginny and Michael's relationship but I'm glad I did! I really liked this. Ginny was well written and I like how you portrayed Michael in most fanfics people make him seem like a jerk. This was really good.
9/12/2009 c1 WriterInTraining713
Ha! You're starting to make me like Michael/Ginny, and I've never really thought about them before. I'm a big Harry/Ginny fan, so in the books, their relationship was just distracting Ginny from Harry. But now I'm a fan of it, thanks to you!

So, in a word, great job.
9/3/2009 c7 26almondcrescent
Aw, I found this today and first of all I must tell you I loved it. I never really thought about Ginny's and Michael's relationship before (apart from being stunned by how young Ginny was back then)... but now I've become kind of fond of them. There are many things I could point out as being fabulous in this fic, let me tell you just a few of them. I loved that Michael was so similar to Harry in some points and that that was what got Ginny's attention in the first place (yes, I just love Harry/Ginny). I loved that even though she had strong feelings for Michael, Ginny never stopped to love Harry, her feelings for him never ceased, and he was still vitally important to her. I loved the characters of Terry, Padma and Anthony, especially the idea of Padma/Terry. I loved that even though their split was rather cold, they resumed their friendship. That gives me some peace thinking about how fast Ginny got over poor Michael... not that I can't empathise. Anyway, their split and Ginny's moving on make perfect sense in the light of her 'undying love' for Harry. Since her true love was always someone else, it was much easier for her to first flirt with someone she didn't really care for, and finally break up with someone she felt she wasn't really meant to be with. And now I've written an awfully long comment for you. I hope it makes some sense... it's late at night but this was my perfect good-night fic. Love your stories.
9/3/2009 c7 235redroses
I saw a reference to this fic in the most recent chapter of jigsaw pieces and I really like it, well done :D
8/17/2009 c7 43WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
Bloody hell! I've been utterly neglectful with all things Harry Potter (and even my pretend boyfriend, Michael Corner!) So I'm very sorry I did not review this story sooner!

However, this was the ending that made the most sense, honestly. I actually like how you wrote both Michael (well... especially him!) and Ginny, because it's very real, very honest and it's very age-appropriate. It's not right, but it shouldn't be, and I think you nailed both of them here.

And Michael... well, he's a boy, through and through. I love him, though. Absolutely love him, warts and all. I can't wait to see the rest of the story unfold in Padma's tale-which, yes, I'll be reading that. It might take me a while to catch up, but I'll read, not to worry!

Great work, DG! Great work indeed.
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