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for Dark Impossible Love

8/31/2010 c6 1The Velvet Ash
love it! what name of that song who is it by?
12/22/2009 c23 12Herbblood
really good

i love it
12/21/2009 c6 Herbblood
nice song
12/20/2009 c23 10sango92
Oh that was such a heartwarming ending! Yay you gots your man and i ended up with mine! WOO! good job my dear friend it was a good story!
12/15/2009 c22 sango92
Well isn't this getting all mushy lovey dovey! lol! i enjoyed this chapter and all the other ones i read and forgot to review! can't wait for the next one!
6/8/2009 c17 sango92
iteresting chapter! i liked it
6/6/2009 c16 sango92
o good as always i must say!
5/29/2009 c2 S.U. Flamer
There are many things wrong with this story.

Firstly, it's "lose hope", not "loose hope", m'dear. This is an error which you should never make. Same for 'effect' and 'affect'. The meanings are so freaking different!

Secondly, you have two stinky mary-sue on your hands. Kill them. Bash them over the head until they die. Please, never ever write crap like this again.

This is rubbish which belongs in an incinerator. Mary-sues are not welcome here. Don't post any more abominations, namely mary-sues, or you will get flamed, not just by me.
5/27/2009 c12 sango92
o interesting development! well well well can't trick them as easily as you would think damn! jk lol well of course i like this chapter and can't wait for the next one!
5/23/2009 c11 sango92
OMG! once again great chapter still really confused but its alright! so quick question here are the songs one that you wrote or what? anyway can't wait for the next chapter!
5/11/2009 c9 sango92
oh i wonder who that was behind me! anyway liked the chapter as usual! can't wait for the new one!
5/8/2009 c8 sango92
I like this chapter! very interesting and confusing so your friends with yourself umm well intersting but all right so anyway can't wait for the next updat!
4/21/2009 c6 sango92
aw sisterly moment at the end! well obviously i liked htis chapter as well as the last three! hey maybe as a punishment you should make me sing too think of it as a punishment for making you sing! anyway update again soon!
4/13/2009 c4 sango92
Very interesting! wow hahaha i can lie really easily but then again its not that hard ecpecially when your trying to trick yuki! anyway i can't wait for the next chapter!
3/31/2009 c2 sango92
oh noes! rosalie and kisa have infiltrated the school! haha jk anyway i liked this chapter! of course you know i can't wait for the update!
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