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for Akatsuki in my Kitchen

2/3/2017 c2 19HinataSoup
Interesting and confused
9/5/2014 c8 Tristi Lynne
wow this was a completely random fic. lol i loved it
7/17/2014 c1 Always Royal
A little weird, but I like it!
11/3/2013 c6 randomaniac
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude hackin awesome! this is the coolest fanfic so far i think!
11/3/2013 c5 sprzdbyndblef
...dude...o.o...her name is...then...and acts like...
-screams in fear and hides under bed- nononon impossible!
ruin:..calm down. she doesent know.
me:..but...oh yea theres obliviously one thing that makes the 'heather' character diff from me.
ruin: yea. she has a crush on d-
me:RUIN. so help me you will DIE. if you finish that sentence!
ruin:..geeezee fine...
me:-sighs- too close...
ruin:..as if the fact you dont have replicas of his clay bombs and a picture of how he looked as a kid and all wasent a big hint
me: -shiver-..well NOW they know...
11/3/2013 c4 scrtlyebil
...man it was hard to not evil laugh...phew! good thing i kept up my normal laugh...phew then my plan wuld have been ruined!
now then...i must go before my oneesan wakes up o. ..X3 im up too late huh..oh well! this was halarious!
1/22/2012 c5 RiRi
what is a crack story?
8/7/2011 c5 2Hanhula
Waitwaitwait. Is your name Heather, too?

5/18/2011 c4 11Dreams of Shadows
9/18/2010 c4 10Hatakefire
AWESOME EPIC RANDOM STORY! Juraiya should appear and be a perv, and both Matt and Itachi beat him up. Then Tsunade appears in banana suit for no reason and admits her love for Kabuto, who screams and runs away. And itachi proposed to Kiko.

3/22/2010 c2 3SilverCheetah-the-Yautja-Ambu
Ok. this is like the second time i read this story through and strangley enough i felt the urge to play wii tennis. So after i finished this chapter i went down to my basement and did that for about 45 minutes -_- However im home alone so there was no one to whack in the arm ;P Which is probably a good thing considering that my wii tennis skills are about as good as my actual tennis skills (very bad) you can compare to bella in the book twilight... ok not QUITE that bad but you get the idea.

10/28/2009 c4 4tailar
Ha! Very funny.

I love the fact that I am not the only one who thinks Orochimaru is a pedophile. Awesome!
10/21/2009 c4 4LadyRunic
OMG that was FUNNY! VIVA ITACHI! DO one on Garra for me! LMFAO!

6/26/2009 c8 oxygen deprived
This is Sparta!


Green milky unicorns!

Random is fun!
6/25/2009 c3 1Runefarmer816
I absolutely love this chapter!^^ It's so freaking funny!^^
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