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4/15/2012 c3 Yuki
When are my dear little puppies from Inuyasha going to appear?

P.S. If I'm in love with Sesshomaru, does that make me a furry?
4/11/2009 c3 33TobiGB
The people running the camp are counsolers. They can show how everything in the camp works the actvites and stuff can be put on the bulliten borad. You can split everybody up into teams and stuff. the dorms basicaly looks the same for the boys and girls. Camps also have lakes at them there's also nature hikes swim time. The food at camp don't have to be all that good either. You can make he schaudle any way you want to make it. You can put a rival camp in the story it can be filled with bad guys from the shows if you want to that is. Camps also have these specal activies aswell. They also have sporting events aswell. I've never been to a REAL camp myself either but I understand this what they do there.

You can call Gara's village Suna. Lee is a Tai-Jutsu expert and have Mugan make fun of Choji's weight I promise you it'll be funny.It'll be funny if Mugan tries to hit on Haku too. He'll Probaly make of ZabuZa too and get into alot of fights. When he meets Kenshin I'm sure he's going to have alot of smart remarks for him about not killing people. I'm impressed on how you got Mugan acting it's just like how I rembered him acting man good times. I'm glad that you updated thanks.

A little advice: This is your story your camp so go crazy with it don't hold back on them. Remeber who these people are trust me they can handle what ever you dish out at them feel free to let loose and give them an experence they will never forget! Because I have faith in this story and most importantly I have faith in You! one more thing whose going to be paired with who? thanks again ;)
3/27/2009 c1 TobiGB
You've cought my attention I can tell that this is going to be a good story I wonder who's going to be in it I can only guess though. I've seen some of these animes things are going to get crazy at that camp. I look forward to the next chapters I hope there are some fight secens in here. This is going into my favorite story and author slots.

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